Recent Acquisitions from Canadian Estates and Collectors

Paintings, Drawings, Prints, Sculptures, Ethnographic Art, Navajo Rugs, and Samplers

[1810 to 1990].


Current Exhibition, Opening December 2017


Artists include: Earl Bailly, Frederich Wilhelm Brandtner, Frederick Henry Brigden, Florence Maud Brown, Winifred E. Brown, Henri-Michel-Antoine Chapu, Arthur Edward Cleeve-Horne, Edith Grace Coombs, Patrick George Cowley-Brown, Alma Mary Duncan, Gary Evans, Barker Fairley, Joachim George Gauthier, Henry George Glyde, Frederick Hagan, Joseph Sydney Hallam, James Harrigan, Frank Charles Hennessey, Robert Hamilton Hubbard, Muriel Hudson, Frank Hans Johnston, Phyllis Jacobine Jones, John Joy, Anne Kahane, Arthur Keelor, Elizabeth McGillivray Knowles, Farquhar McGillivray Knowles, Alfred Laliberté, Marion Long, Phyllis Nelson Harvey Richards, Henrietta Mabel May, Grant MacDonald, Doris McCarthy, R. Milburn McLean, Bill Muysson, Guy Paquet, Joseph Plaskett, Michael Robinson, Arthur Dominique Rozaire, G. Sallo, André Sangsue, Marian Mildred Dale Scott, Owen B. Staples, Richard Stipl, Thomas Albert Stone, Oscar Waldmann, William Arthur Winter, etc.






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