Canadian & International Travel & Vintage Posters,



Includes Vintage Travel Posters, Soviet Moscow State Circus Posters,
and Spanish Bullfighting Posters, from:

Austria, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Britain, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain,
San Marino,Sweden, Switzerland, the United States, and the USSR.






Editorial Cartoons from the Collection of Sherritt Corporation Of Canada

Produced By Canadian, American, and International Artists, 1996-2002




Sampson-Matthews Silkscreens
[1943 to 1957].

Harold Beament, Fritz Brandtner, Charles Comfort, Berthe Des Clayes, John Ensor, Fred Haines, Joseph Hallam, Yvonne McKague Housser, A.Y.Jackson, J.E.H. & Thoreau Macdonald, J.W. Morrice, L.A.C. Panton, Tom Roberts, Albert Robinson, Ernest Sampson, Tom Thomson, Stanley Turner, Horace Wickenden.











New Acquisitions from Canadian Collectors

Opening September, 2019

Paintings, Drawings, Prints, and Sculptures [1865-1980].





















New Acquisitions from Canadian Corporate Collections

Art & Objects


Artists: Frederich Wilhelm Brandtner, Alma Duncan, Bill Duma, Len Gibbs, Brent Laycock, Harold Lyon, Al McMaster, Rafael Meléndez, Michael Morris, Toni Onley, Adeline Rockett, Peter Templeman, Ai Weiwei, etc.


Objects: King George IV Coronation Album prints [John Whittaker, London]; George IV Coronation Banquet Admission Ticket, Westminster Hall [James Whiting and Robert Branston, London]; The Dominion Bank 150th Anniversary Commemorative Coin Bank; 19th Century British Desk-Top, Stationary Box Calendar; 2008 Beijing Olympics Official Bird’s Nest National Stadium Souvenir; Mexican Silver Presentation Miner’s Lamp, etc.
























WILLIAM LEE HANKEY Etchings [1911-1928]


Current Exhibition, Opening July 2018


Born in Chester, England, 1869. William Lee-Hankey studied at the Chester School of Art, and gained a scholarship to the Royal College of Art, London. After his studies he established himself in Chester and worked as a designer. In the early 1900s he resided in Paris and was influenced by the work of Jules Bastien-Lepage. He began to exhibit in London at the Society of British Artists, Suffolk Street in 1893, and at the Royal Academy in 1896. He also showed at the Royal Institute of Painters in Water-Colours, the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, as well as the Royal Society of Painter-Etchers and Engravers. He was the President of the London Sketch Club from 1902-1904. In 1936 he became a member of the Royal Society of Painters in Watercolour, and was elected president in 1947. From 1907 to 1912 he taught etching at the Art School of the Goldsmiths’ College, New Cross, London. He exhibited in Paris at the Salon des Artistes Français and received an honourable mention in 1906. He Joined the Army during the First World War, and served with the Artists’ Rifles from 1914-1916. At the end of the war he returned to painting and printmaking. From 1904 until well after the war he maintained a studio at the Etaples artists colony in France. He was a painter and master etcher of landscapes, character studies, and above all scenes of intimate country life in Brittany, Normandy, and England. He won many medals and became an elected member of the major art institutions, including the Royal Institute. His work is in the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, and numerous other public and private collections throughout the world. William Lee-Hankey died in London, on February 10, 1952. [Hardie. “The Etched Work of William Lee Hankey RI from 1904 to 1920”; Benezit. “Dictionnaire des Peintres Sculpteurs Dessinateures et Graveurs’. [vol. 6, p.728]; J. Johnson and A. Greutzner, “The Dictionary of British Artists, 1880-1940”; and general web resources].


















Recent Acquisitions from Canadian Estates and Collectors

Paintings, Drawings, Prints, Sculptures, Ethnographic Art, Navajo Rugs, and Samplers

[1810 to 1990].


Current Exhibition, Opening December 2017


Artists include: Earl Bailly, Frederich Wilhelm Brandtner, Frederick Henry Brigden, Florence Maud Brown, Winifred E. Brown, Henri-Michel-Antoine Chapu, Arthur Edward Cleeve-Horne, Edith Grace Coombs, Patrick George Cowley-Brown, Alma Mary Duncan, Gary Evans, Barker Fairley, Joachim George Gauthier, Henry George Glyde, Frederick Hagan, Joseph Sydney Hallam, James Harrigan, Frank Charles Hennessey, Robert Hamilton Hubbard, Muriel Hudson, Frank Hans Johnston, Phyllis Jacobine Jones, John Joy, Anne Kahane, Arthur Keelor, Elizabeth McGillivray Knowles, Farquhar McGillivray Knowles, Alfred Laliberté, Marion Long, Phyllis Nelson Harvey Richards, Henrietta Mabel May, Grant MacDonald, Doris McCarthy, R. Milburn McLean, Bill Muysson, Guy Paquet, Joseph Plaskett, Michael Robinson, Arthur Dominique Rozaire, G. Sallo, André Sangsue, Marian Mildred Dale Scott, Owen B. Staples, Richard Stipl, Thomas Albert Stone, Oscar Waldmann, William Arthur Winter, etc.




































CANADIAN ETCHINGS [1900 to 1980]


Opening April 2016


  Artists Include: Caroline Armington, Frank Armington, Woodruff Kerr Aykroyd, Isabel Cleland, Dewitt Drake, Walter Duff, Clarence Gagnon, Fred Haines, Nicholas Hornyansky, Donald Shaw MacLaughlan, Thomas Mower Martin, Ernst Neumann, Wilbur Kells Peacock, Robert Wakeham Pilot, Herbert Raine, Moe Reinblatt, Tom Roberts, Charles Walter Simpson, Owen Staples, Dorothy Stevens, Fred Taylor, Stanley Turner. etc.
































Opening December 2015

  Artists Include: John Anderson, Sydney Martin Berne, Lorne Holland Bouchard, Jack Bush, Berthe des Clayes, Leslie George Murray Coppold, Oscar   Daniel de Lall, Barker Fairley, Albert Jacques Franck, Joseph Charles Franchère, Wilf Frank Griffiths, Willem Hendriks, Yvonne Mckague Housser,    Richard Jack, Jeno Karpathy, Arthur Lidstone, Orvill Clinton Madden, Harold Wellington Mccrea, Henry Murray, Herbert Sidney Palmer, Otto Planding, Harley Walter Blait Parker, Georg Anton Rasmussen, William Goodridge Roberts, Adam Sherriff Scott, Tom Stone, Einar Thorbjørn, George Campbell  Tinning, Gordon Mckinley Webber, John Sanderson Wells, etc.




















     Exhibition to September 3, 2015


Artists Include: Paul Vanier Beaulieu, David Wayne Bolduc, Marcelle Ferron, Frank Leonard Brooks, Dennis Burton, Francisco      Castro Leñero, Louis Comtois, Joseph Duncan, Augustin Filipovic, Hortense Mattice Gordon, Gidon Graetz, Oded Halahmy, Thomas Sherlock Hodgson, Jiri Ladocha, Jack Lembeck, Rita Letendre, Howard Lonn, Alexandra Luke, Ray John Mead, John Meredith, Guido Molinari, Kazuo Nakamura, Andrew Plum, Jean-Paul Riopelle, William Ronald, David Sorensen, Charles Stegeman, Thaddaeus  Szepielewicz Ronan Walsh, Ronald York Wilson, etc.














[1920s to 1980s]












Exhibition to April 25, 2013

Max Ackermann, Umetaro Azechi, Leonard Baskin, Bernard Buffet, Antoni Clavé, Christo, Salvador Dalí, Gene Davis, Johnny Friedlaender, Wolfgang Gäfgen, René Genis, Satish Gujral, Stanley William Hayter, Joseph Kosuth, Wifredo Lam, Marino Marini, Matta, Claes Oldenburg, John Henry Olsen, José García Ortega, David Peretz, James Rosenquist, Donald Sultan, Antoni Tapies, Sergio Gonzalez Tornero, Antoniucci Volti, etc.
















Village, Farm and Lake


Exhibition to August 30th, 2012


Artists Include: Sylvia Bercovitch Ary, Clare Bice, Lorne Holland Bouchard, Adolphus George Broomfield, Ralph Wallace Burton, Norman Deer, Elizabeth Roberta Galbraith-Cornell, Joseph Sydney Hallam, Herman Heimlich, Miriam Ramsay Holland, Caleb Keene, Minnie Kallmeyer, Fernand Labelle, Manly Edward MacDonald, O. Harold McAvoy, Hal Ross Perrigard, Gordon Edward Pfeiffer, Rod Prouse, Thomas Keith Roberts, Stuart Clifford Shaw, Harry Leslie Smith, J. Vincent Thomas, Vivian June Walker, etc.











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