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RALEIGH, Sir Walter [1552?-1618].
The Discovery Of The Large, Rich, And Beautiful Empire Of Guiana, With A Relation Of The Great And Golden City Of Manoa (Which The Spaniards Call El Dorado), Etc. Performed In The Year 1595, By.Reprinted From The Edition Of 1596, With Some Unpublished D
London: Printed For The Hakluyt Society [First Series: No. 3], 1848..
8vo. pp. lxxv, xv, 240. with half-title. folding map (frontis.). original blind & gilt-stamped cloth (spine dull & trifle frayed at head). Cox II 254. Howgego R7. National Maritime Museum I 289. Sabin 67555.
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RAMEL, [Jean Pierre].
Journal De L'Adjutant-Générale Ramel, Commandant De La Garde Du Corps Législatif De La République Française, D'Un Des Déportés A La Guiane Après Le 18 Fructidor.sur le transport, le séjour et l'évasion de quelques-uns des Déportés; Avec des détails circ
London: 1799..
8vo. pp. 2 p.l., iv, 174. with half-title. contemporary quarter roan (rubbed). First Edition (?); there were a number of editions with different imprints published the same year. An account of the events of the revolution of the 18th Fructidor (1797) which led to the condemnation and deportation to French Guiana of General Ramel, the commandant of the Legislative Body Guard, and nearly six hundred other Royalists. Ramel gives a detailed description of the miserable conditions at Sinnamary, where over two thirds of the exiles perished, and also relates his escape, together with seven other prisoners, via Surinam, Berbice and Demerary. Howgego L37. Sabin 67627. cfBell R29. cfCox II 287. cfJCB II 4045. [BOUND WITH:] RAMEL, [Jean Pierre]. Anecdotes Secrètes Sur Le 18 Fructidor, Et Nouveaux Mémoires Des Déportés A La Guiane, Écrits Par Eux-Mêmes, Et Faisant Suite Au Journal De Ramel, Contenant de nouveaux détails sur leur transport à la Guiane.Auxquels on a ajouté une nouvelle relation de l'évasion de Pichegru, Barthélémy, Ramel, etc.enfin un mémoire de Barbé-Marbois sur le 18 fructidor. 8vo. pp. viii, 252, [2]ads. with half-title. engraved frontis. Paris: Giguet Et Ce., [1799]. First Edition of this sequel to Ramel's Journal, providing further details relating to the French Royalists exiled to Guiana in 1797. Howgego L37. Sabin 67625 (no mention of frontis.). cfCox II 287. [BOUND WITH:] AYMÉ, J[ean] J[acques] [1752-1818]. Déportation Et Naufrage De J.J.Aymé, Ex-Législateur.Avec Quelques observations sur cette Colonie et sur les Nègres. 8vo. pp. 269, [26]. with half-title. (long tear in half-title repaired not affecting text). Paris: Maradan, [1800]. First Edition. A description of the colony for political exiles at Cayenne in French Guiana and account of the author's own banishment there as a royalist in 1798 and subsequent escape. Included at the end is a twenty-six page table providing names and details respecting those exiled to Cayenne in 1798 along with Aymé. Howgego L37. JCB II 4068. Sabin 2521. Bell A381. cfCox II 287.
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SCIPIO, Rudolf.
Zu Wasser und zu Lande. Eriebnisse Bremer Schiffsjungen auf dem Ocean, in den Pampas und den Cordilleren. Der Jugend erzählt.
Stuttgart: Julius Hoffmann (R. Thienemann's Verlag), [c1870]..
12mo. pp. 1 p.l., 178. 4 lithographs by Gustave Bartsch, printed in colour & finished by hand. later half cloth (worn & shaken, spine partly defective, some browning & soiling to margins, light foxing to frontis. & first few leaves).
$175 USD                          Book Number: elala2954                         Order / Enquire

SMITH, Edmond Reuel.
The Araucanians; Or, Notes Of A Tour Among The Indian Tribes Of Southern Chili.
New York: Harper & Brothers, 1855..
12mo. pp. xii, [13]-335. wood-engraved frontis. & 16 wood-engraved text illus. (some full-page). original blind-stamped cloth (extremities frayed, 2 marginal tears, some marginal soiling & marginal dampstain in first gathering). First Edition. The author was a member of the 1849 U.S. astronomical expedition to Chile commanded by Lt. James M.Gillis. In 1853 Smith resigned and set out from Concepción on the tour of central and southern Chile described in the present work, which also includes detailed observations on the manners, customs, and condition of the Araucanian Indians. Not in Smith.
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SMITH, Herbert H[untington] [1851-1919].
Brazil The Amazons And The Coast.
New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1879..
8vo. pp. xv, 644, [4]ads. with half-title. folding map. numerous text illus. after sketches by J.Wells Champney & others. original black & gilt-stamped pictorial cloth (cloth soiled, marginal repairs to 2 leaves). First Edition. The American naturalist first came to Brazil with C.F.Hartt as part of the Morgan expedition in 1870 and returned in 1874. "Hartt, at the time chief of the Brazilian Geological Commission, entrusted him with the exploration of some of the tributaries of the Amazon and Tapajós rivers. Smith forsaw that the proclamation of the Republic of Brazil would bring no advantages to the people, the loss of the rubber monopoly of the Amazon to the Far East plantations, and he advised taxing land and income instead of exports, etc. This classic work is much sought after." (Borba de Moraes) Smith S112. Borba de Moraes II p. 816.
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[SQUIER, Ephraim George] [1821-1888].
Waikna; Or, Adventures On The Mosquito Shore.
London: Sampson Low, Son, & Co., 1855..
12mo. pp. 366. additional illustrative title, full-page map & 54 other text illus. (6 full-page). contemporary half calf (spine & corners chafed, small institutional rubberstamps on title, last page, & verso of full-page illus., some foxing throughout). First London Edition. "[Squier] was honored at home and abroad as one of the most distinguished Americanists of the nineteenth century, and is perhaps the best single authority on the Central America of the period." (DAB) He served as chargé d'affaires to Central America, 1849-50, secretary of the Honduras Interoceanic Railway Company, 1853, and United States commissioner to Peru, 1863-65, and published several works on the archaeological remains and general conditions of the Latin American countries he visited. The present work describes the Mosquito Coast, the east coast of Nicaragua from Cape Gracias à Diós to Bluefields Lagoon, native manners and customs, flora and fauna. At the end is a short glossary of the Mosquito language.
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Head Hunters Of The Amazon Seven Years Of Exploration And Adventure.
New York: Garden City Publishing Co., Inc., [1923]..
8vo. pp. xviii [i.e. xvi], [3]-337. frontis. & 2 double-sided plates. full calf prize binding (Ashbury College, Ottawa) (rubbed). presentation bookplate. First Edition.
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[VARGAS Y PONCE, José de] [c1755-1821].
Relación Del Último Viage Al Estrecho De Magdallanes De La Fragata De S. M. Santa María De La Cabeza En Los Años De 1785 Y 1786. [WITH:] .Apendice A La Relación Del Viage Al Magallanes De La Fragata De Guerra Santa María De La Cabeza, Que Contiene El De Los Paquebotes Santa Casilda Y Santa Eulalia Para Completar El Reconocimiento Del Estrecho En Los Años De 1788 Y 1789.
Madrid: Por la Viuda de Ibarra, Hijos y Companía, 1788-93.
2 Volumes in 1. 4to. pp. 3 p.l., xvi, 70, 75-359; 2 p.l., 128. 4 folding tables numbered 71-74 inserted between pp. 70 and 75 in Vol. I. 1 folding table in Vol II. engraved portrait of Magellan by Ferdinand Selma. 5 large folding engraved maps, 2 with 12 plans of ports, another with 3 inset plans. 19th century quarter roan (spine incorrectly lettered, occasional light spotting, last map stained, few short insignificant tears in maps). First Edition, complete with the Rare Supplement. An account of Don Antonio de Córdoba's scientific and hydrographic survey of the Strait of Magellan, 1785-86, 1788-89, compiled by José de Vargas Y Ponce, Spanish geographer and naval officer, mainly from the journals of Córdoba's lieutenants, Dionisio Alcalá Galiano and Alejandro Belmonte. The expedition was appointed by the Spanish Crown to determine the exact navigability of the strait and the advisability of the Spaniards continuing to use the passage in voyages to the Pacific, as well as to investigate the plant and animal life of the region, with a view toward colonization. The findings were negative and the Spaniards subsequently exclusively favoured overland trade routes from east coast ports of South America to the Pacific ports. Included in the first volume are extensive notes on the natural history and climate of the region, an account of the customs of the Patagonian Indians, and a resumé of discovery and exploration from the time of the discovery of the strait by Magellan through the voyages of Sarmiento de Gamboa, Drake, Spilberg, Narborough, Carteret, Bougainville, &c. Bell V25 (without the supplement). Hill p. 305. Howgego C180. JCB II 3224. Sabin 16765 (without the supplement & incorrectly attributing the work to Córdoba).
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El Dorado; Or, British Guiana As A Field For Colonisation.
London: Cassell, Petter, And Galpin, Georgetown: Richardson And Co. New Amsterdam: G.P.Townsend, 1867..
8vo. pp. vii, 198, [1]. with half-title. 2 folding maps (incl. frontis.). original blind-stamped cloth (front cover stained). First Edition.
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VINCENT, Frank [1848-1916].
Around And About South America Twenty Months Of Quest And Query.
New York: D.Appleton And Company, 1891..
8vo. pp. xxiv, 473, [6]ads. 59 plates & maps. original decorative cloth (faint dampmarks to lower margins, small label on spine). from the library of Canadian author, Thomas Conant [1842-1905]. Fourth Edition. cfSmith V7.
$179 USD                          Book Number: SNCouVIN91                         Order / Enquire

WEBSTER, W[illiam] H[enry] B[ayley].
Narrative Of A Voyage To The Southern Atlantic Ocean, In The Years 1828, 29, 30, Performed In H. M. Sloop Chanticleer, Under The Command Of The Late Captain Henry Foster.
London: Richard Bentley, 1834..
2 Volumes. 8vo. pp. xi, [1], 399, [1]; 1 p.l., [v]-viii, 398. 2 engraved frontis. maps (1 folding) & 5 aquatint plates. contemporary half calf, rebacked with spines mounted, corners renewed (minor foxing to 2 plates). First Edition. "Dr. Webster was the surgeon on board this British expedition to southern waters to take pendulum observations and to chart Staten Island and the South Shetlands. Certain scientific problems in the fields of magnetism, navigation, currents, meteorology, geology, and oceanography were also studied for the Royal Society. The commander, Captain Foster, had been astronomer to Sir William Edward Parry on his third voyage and was himself a distinguished Arctic explorer. In 1831 Foster was unfortunately drowned in a canoe accident in Panama towards the end of this voyage. Among the officers were Lt. H.F.Austin and Sir Richard Collinson, both of whom were later involved in the search for Sir John Franklin. The Chanticleer visited Rio de Janeiro, Montevideo, Patagonia, Staten Island, the South Shetland Islands, the Cape of Good Hope, St. Helena, and several Brazilian and Spanish South American ports." (Hill) The plates depict Teneriffe, the Pendulum Station at Port Cook on Staten Island, the Pendulum Cove on Deception Island in the South Shetlands, St. Martin's Cove near Cape Horn, and Ascension. Abbey, Travel, 11. Borba de Moraes II p.937. Hill II p. 612. Mendelssohn II p.596. National Maritime Museum I 341. Sabin 102429. Spence 1245.
$1499 USD                          Book Number: elala388                         Order / Enquire

The Upper Reaches Of The Amazon.
London: Methuen & Co. Ltd., 1914..
8vo. pp. xvi, 304 + 31(ads). with half-title. 21 illus. map on front endleaves. original cloth (front joint & corners bit frayed, stain on upper cover, short marginal tear to 1 plate). First Edition.
$150 USD                          Book Number: elala3279                         Order / Enquire

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