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THIERRY, [Jacques Nicolas] Augustin [1795-1856].
Récit Des Temps Mérovingiens Précédés De Considérations Sur L'Histoire De France.
Paris: Just Tessier, 1840..
2 Volumes. 8vo. pp. 2 p.l., xxii, [1], 411; 2 p.l., 416. with half-titles. contemporary quarter roan (scattered foxing). First Edition.Vicaire VII 815. Brunet V 818 (citing incorrect date).
$205 USD                          Book Number: FIEciTHI29                         Order / Enquire

THIERS, [Louis] Adolphe [1797-1877].
Histoire De La Révolution Française.
Paris: Furne, 1865..
10 Volumes. 8vo. with half-titles. engraved frontis. portrait by Bosselman & 53 engraved plates after Raffet, &c. Uncut in contemporary quarter cloth, original wrs. bound in (occasional light foxing). Thirteenth Edition. Carteret III 584. Vicaire VII 823-24.
$769 USD                          Book Number: FIEstTHI72                         Order / Enquire

THOU, [Jacques Auguste] De [1553-1617].
Histoire Universelle.
London: 1734..
16 Volumes. 4to. titles in red & black. complete with half-titles. engraved portrait of De Thou. woodcut ornaments & initials. contemporary mottled calf, gilt backs (bindings worn & oxidized, joints cracked but firm, contents very good except for some light browning of the paper). unidentified gilt cypher on covers. First Edition of the French Translation by Le Mascrier, Des Fontaines, Le Beau and others, of one of the principal sources for the history of France in the sixteenth century, based on the best and most complete Latin edition published the previous year. Prefixed are a life of De Thou, and selections from his Latin poetry. Brunet V 841. Graesse VII 147-148. Thompson, I, pp. 568-70.
$2498 USD                          Book Number: FOUstTHO62                         Order / Enquire

TOUCHARD-LAFOSSE, G[eorges] [1780-1847].
Histoire De Blois Et De Son Territoire, Depuis Les Temps Les Plus Reculées Jusqu'À Nos Jours.
Blois: Félix Jahyer, 1846..
8vo. pp. 2 p.l., v, 477, [2 leaves]contents & errata. steel-engraved frontis. by Rouargue & 12 wood-engraved plates. wood-engraved title vignette, initial & culs-de-lampe. 3 plates inserted from other sources. contemporary quarter chagrin, spines stamped in gilt & blind (frontis. & title foxed, occasional light foxing through rest of text). First Edition.
$231 USD                          Book Number: FUCstTOU33                         Order / Enquire

TREVES, Frederick.
The Riviera of the Corniche Road.
London...: Cassell And Company, Ltd., 1923..
8vo. pp. [ix], 315, [1]. 16 illus. on 8 plates (7 double-sided). cloth. Second Edition.
$50 USD                          Book Number: dola233                         Order / Enquire

TUCKER, [Josiah] [1712-1799].
Dean Tucker's Reflections On The Terrors Of Invasion. Re-Published By A Friend To His Country.
London: Printed For Edmund Lloyd, 1806..
8vo. pp. 15. disbound. Not in Goldsmiths'.
$60 USD                          Book Number: elala3012                         Order / Enquire

Les Ducs De Bourgogne Histoire Des XIVe Et XVe Siècles.
Tours: Alfred Mame Et Filds, 1864..
8vo. pp. 2 p.l, 371. with half-title. 4 engraved plates by Trouarge (incl. frontis. & title). contemporary blind-stamped roan, gilt back (rubbed, lower spine defective). Seventh Edition.
$103 USD                          Book Number: FLEsVALE69                         Order / Enquire

[VANDAM, Albert Dresden] [1843-1903].
My Paris Note-Book By The Author Of An Englishman In Paris.
Philadelphia: J.B.Lippincott Company, 1894..
12mo. pp. 1 p.l., 307, [12]ads. original cloth (rear cover stained).
$75 USD                          Book Number: elala3797                         Order / Enquire

VARILLAS, [Antoine] [1620-1696].
Histoire De Charles IX.Nouvelle Édition, Enrichie à la fin de chaque Tome des principaux endroits qu'on a retranché dans l'Édition de Paris.
Cologne [ie. The Hague?]: Pierre Marteau, 1686..
2 Volumes. 12mo. pp. 20 p.l., 400; 3 p.l., 384. woodcut printer's device on titles. contemporary calf, gilt backs (slight wear to headpieces, dampstaining to upper margins in Vol. II). A major source on the life of Charles IX, whose reign was witness to the massacre of some 10,000 Protestants in Paris (and more in the provinces) on the feast of St. Bartholomew's and the several days following. Cioranescu 65500. cfGoldsmith, BM STC French, V109.
$308 USD                          Book Number: FRIstVAR74                         Order / Enquire

VARILLAS, [Antoine] [1620-1696].
Histoire De Louis XI.
The Hague: Jacob van Ellinckhuysen, 1689..
2 Volumes. 12mo. pp. 32 p.l., 400; 3 p.l., 438. woodcut ornaments & initials. contemporary sprinkled calf, gilt backs. First Duodecimo Edition, preceded by the Paris quarto edition of the same year. Biography of the ambitious and unscrupulous Louis XI [1423-1483], notable for his treasonous revolts against his father, Charles VII, his cruel machinations against the French nobility, his heartlessness towards the peasantry and the artisans, and his first establishment of post offices in the country. Goldsmith, BM STC French, V115.
$400 USD                          Book Number: FRIstVAR53                         Order / Enquire

[VOLTAIRE, François Marie Arouet De] [1694-1778].
Candide, Ou L'Optimisme, Traduit De L'Allemand De Mr. Le Docteur Ralph.
np [Paris]: 1759..
12mo. pp. 237, [3]. contemporary calf, gilt back (spine ends worn). Published the same year as the first. Voltaire's witty and devastating attack on philosophical and religious optimism is generally regarded as his most masterful composition. Published surreptitiously, no less than seventeen different printings and editions appeared in 1759. Bengesco 1440. Martin 59.25. cfCioranescu 64321. cfQuérard X 323. cfPrinting and the Mind of Man 204. [BOUND WITH:] POPE, [Alexander] [1688-1744]. Essai Sur L'Homme.Traduit de l'Anglois en François, Édition revûe par le Traducteur.Second Édition. 12mo. pp. 2 p.l., vii-xxxvi, 189, [3]privilege. woodcut ornaments & title vignette. Lausanne: Marc Michel Bousquet & Compagnie, 1752.
$1998 USD                          Book Number: elala1495                         Order / Enquire

[VOLTAIRE, François Marie Arouet De] [1694-1778].
La Princesse De Babilone.
Geneva [London]: 1768..
8vo. pp. 184. contemporary English half calf (front cover loose, joints cracked, spine label wanting, internally very good). English counterfeit of the first edition. Bengesco 1492. Martin 68.56n. cfBarbier III 1025. cfCioranescu 64356-7. cfQuérard X 324.
$500 USD                          Book Number: elala1501                         Order / Enquire

VOLTAIRE, [François Marie Arouet De] [1694-1778].
La Zaira Tragedia Di Voltaire Nuovamente Tradotta.
Parma: Bodoni Press, 1798..
8vo. pp. 3 p.l., 128. with initial blank. 19th century quarter roan (bit rubbed, some light foxing). [BOUND WITH:] .La Marianna Tragedia Di Voltaire Nuovamente Tradotta. 8vo. pp. 1 p.l., x, [2], 107. complete with initial blank. Parma: Bodoni Press, 1804. [BOUND WITH:] .L'Olimpia Tragedia Di Voltaire Nuovamente Tradotta. 8vo. pp. 1 p.l., xii, [2], 135. Parma: Bodoni Press, 1805. [BOUND WITH:] .L'Alzira Tragedia Di Voltaire Nuovamente Tradotta. 8vo. pp. 2 p.l., viii, 106. (some light foxing). Parma: Bodoni Press, 1797. New Italian translations by Luigi Landriani of four of Voltaire's plays: a nice grouping of Bodoni imprints. Brooks 711, 932, 961, 679.
$1998 USD                          Book Number: elala2018                         Order / Enquire

VOLTAIRE, [François Marie Arouet] De [1694-1778].
Alzire, Ou Les Américains. Tragédie.Représentée à Paris pour la première fois le 27 Janvier 1736.
Paris: Jean Baptiste Claude Bauche, 1736..
8vo. pp. 5 p.l., vii, [1], 80. woodcut ornaments, initials & title vignette. 5 inserted engraved plates after Eisen, Moreau, Gravelot & Desene illustrating various scenes from the play, taken from various editions of the work. modern bds. Second Edition, published same year as the first, by the same publisher, with errata corrected. This tragedy, revolving around a wicked Spanish governor of Peru, who is in love with the virtuous American princess, who in turn loves the long believed dead heroic American prince, is one of the first French plays to be set in America. It was one of the most well received of Voltaire's theatrical works. Bengesco 107. Cioranescu 64168. European Americana 736/253. Sabin 100698. cfQuérard X 313.
$749 USD                          Book Number: elala1494                         Order / Enquire

[WALSH, Robert] [1784-1858].
A Letter On The Genius And Dispositions Of The French Government, Including A View Of The Taxation Of The French Empire.
Boston: Farrand, Mallory & Co., 1810..
8vo. pp. 114. disbound (some foxing). Second Edition. Kress B5764. Sabin 101165. Shaw & Shoemaker 21935.
$85 USD                          Book Number: FALLe[WA50                         Order / Enquire

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