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BAKUNIN, Mikhail [Alexsandrovich] [1814-1876].
Gesammelte Werke.
Berlin: Verlag.
3 Volumes bound in 1. 8vo. pp. 306, [2]; 281, [1 leaf]; 275, [1]. frontis. portrait in Vol. III. small portrait on verso of title of Vol. I. contemporary half calf (rubbed, paper embrowned throughout, 2 paragraphs in Foreword underlined in red, old repair to corner of one leaf). First Edition in German, edited by Max Nettlau.
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BARRES, Maurice [1862-1923].
L'Angoisse De Pascal.
Paris: Les Bibliophiles Fantaisistes, 1910..
4to. pp. 66, [5]. with half-title. frontis. portrait & 1 facsimile (tipped in). contemporary quarter morocco, t.e.g., original printed wrs. bound in (short splits in front joint). First Edition, Limited to 500 numbered copies [+10 on japon].
$128 USD                          Book Number: PRRAnBAR49                         Order / Enquire

[BARRUEL, Augustin De, Abbé] [1741-1820].
Les Helviennes Ou Lettres Provinciales Philosophiques, Nouvelle Édition.
Amsterdam.Paris: Moutard, 1785 [Vols. I-III] & Briand, 1788 [Vols. IV-V]..
5 Volumes. 12mo. with half-titles. woodcut ornaments & title vignettes. 19th century bds. First Complete Edition. Barruel's first important work, in which he attempted to show the incoherence and contradictions in the philosophical positions of the philosophes through an examination of various articles in the Encyclopédie Méthodique. The first edition of 1781 was complete in one volume, the second of 1785 in three, and the final two volumes were first published in 1788. Barbier II 610. Quérard I 197. Martin & Walter 1808. cfCioranescu 9781-82.
$500 USD                          Book Number: elala1379                         Order / Enquire

BAUMEISTER, Fried[rich] Christian [1709-1785].
Elementa Philosophiae Recentioris Usibus Iuventutis Scholasticae.Editio Nova, Auctior Et Emendatior.
Leipzig: Jo. Friedrich Gleditsch, 1755..
12mo. pp. 11 p.l., 588, [12]index. engraved frontis. portrait. engraved dedication headpiece. woodcut ornaments. late 18th century mottled sheep, gilt back (worn, some foxing, several institutional markings on title). Second Enlarged Edition. Rand I 114.
$205 USD                          Book Number: PUMemBAU48                         Order / Enquire

BAYLE, [Pierre] [1647-1706].
Dictionnaire Historique Et Critique.
Rotterdam: Michel Bohm, 1720.
4 Volumes. folio. pp. 4 p.l., xx, 942; 2 p.l., [945]-962, 963-968, 963-1830; 2 p.l., [1833]-2680; 2 p.l., [2681]-3132, [96]index. with half-titles. titles in red & black with engraved vignettes by W. De Gouwen after A. Vander Werf. dedication in red & black with large engraved headpiece by Bernard Picart. woodcut ornaments & initials. contemporary mottled calf, rebacked, corners renewed (light browning to several gatherings in last volume & occasionally to margins). Third Edition, revised and enlarged, edited by Prosper Marchand, the most attractive editon and the first to contain all of Bayle's additions. The most important and most influential sceptic of the late seventeenth century, Bayle provided the philosophers of the Enlightenment with a wealth of argument and ridicule with which to assail the intellectual 'Ancien Regime'. This, his major work, was composed with the intention of correcting the mistakes of Moreri's Grand Dictionnaire. "Bayle championed reason against belief, philosophy against religion, tolerance against superstition.For over half a century, until the publication of the Encyclopédie, Bayle's Dictionnaire dominated enlightened thinking in every part of Europe." (PMM) "Édition la plus belle et qui a été longtemps la plus recherché de ce dictionnaire." (Brunet) Brunet I 711. Picot, Rothschild, III 2502. cfPrinting and the Mind of Man 155b. cfRand I 115.
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BEATTIE, James [1735-1803].
Essays. On the nature and immutability of Truth, in opposition to Sophistry and Scepticism. On Poetry and Music, as they affect the Mind. On Laughter, and Ludicrous Composition. On the Utility of Classical Learning.
Edinburgh: Printed for William Creech, 1776..
4to. pp. 2 p.l., [6]list of subscribers, xiv, 3-757, [1]errata. contemporary sprinkled calf, rebacked (bit rubbed, light foxing to outer leaves). First Edition. Beattie's Essay on Truth, his first philosophical work, was originally published separately in 1770. It is a critique of sceptical philosophy, and the principle target is David Hume. Beattie's frequent tasteless attacks on Hume's character seriously discredited the work and tended to unduly obscure the value of the other essays published herewith. Jessop p. 98. NCBEL II 640. Rand I 115.
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BEATTIE, James [1735-1875].
Essays: On Poetry And Music, As They Affect The Mind; On Laughter, And Ludicrous Composition; On The Usefulness Of Classical Learning.
London: Printed For E. And C.Dilly, And W.Creech, Edinburgh, 1779..
8vo. pp. 515, [1 leaf]errata. with half-title. engraved frontis. of Socrates. 19th century cloth-backed bds. (worn, frontis. lightly embrowned & offset onto title, upper outer corner of title defective). Third Edition, Corrected. Jessop p. 98.
$410 USD                          Book Number: PATsaBEA63                         Order / Enquire

[BEAURIEU, Gaspard Guillard De] [1728-1795].
L'Éleve De La Nature, Nouvelle Édition.
Amsterdam.Lille: J.B.Henry, 1771..
3 Volumes. 12mo. pp. xii, 263; 2 p.l., 262, [1 leaf]errata; 2 p.l., iii, 226, [1 leaf]errata. with half-titles. 3 engraved frontis. & 2 engraved plans (1 folding) + frontis. in Vol. III present in duplicate & frontis. from another edition bound in Vol. II. woodcut ornaments & initials. contemporary bds. (rubbed, occasional spotting & foxing, repairs to lower margin of title in Vol. II & inner margin of frontis. in Vol. III). Third Enlarged Edition, the first to include the third volume, and the first edition to be illustrated. A close imitation of Rousseau's Émile, published several times under Rousseau's name; the heroine's name is Julie. The third volume is dedicated to the inhabitants of Virginia. Barbier II 59. Cioranescu 33165. Gove p. 351. cfCohen-De Ricci (1774 edn.). cfConlon,Ouvrages Français Relatifs À Jean Jacques Rousseau, 278, 439, 528.
$961 USD                          Book Number: PEAÉl[BE85                         Order / Enquire

BENTHAM, Jeremy [1748-1832].
Déontologie Ou Science De La Morale. Ouvrage Posthume De Jérémie Bentham, Revu, Mis En Ordre Et Publié Par John Bowring, Traduit Sur Le Manuscrit Par Benjamin Laroche.
Paris: Charpentier, 1834..
2 Volumes. 8vo. pp. xii, 394; 4 p.l., 359. complete with half-titles. 19th century quarter roan (spines nicked & covers soiled). First Edition of the French Translation By Benjamin Laroche. This posthumous publication, edited by John Bowring, Bentham's literary executor, presents the most complete treatment of ethical problems to be found in Bentham's works and is his only work on 'Ethics' proper. Bentham defines 'Deontology' or 'Private Ethics', as the "science by which happiness is created out of motives extra-legislational - while Jurisprudence is the science by which law is applied to the production of felicity." For a refutation of the view that the editor has intruded on Bentham's original meaning by re-writing and re-arranging the manuscript, see Ernest Albee, A History of English Utilitarianism. cfNCBEL II 1883 & cfRand I 118 (English Edn.).
$1099 USD                          Book Number: elala2389                         Order / Enquire

BOLINGBROKE, Henry ST. JOHN, 1st Viscount [1678-1751].
Letters On The Study And Use Of History.
London: Printed for A.Millar, 1752..
2 Volumes. 8vo. pp. 2 p.l., 315; 2 p.l., 68 [i.e. 286], [4]. with half-titles. contemporary sprinkled calf (joints cracked, extremities chipped, spine labels wanting). contemporary engraved bookplate of 'Il Cavalier Mann', possibly Sir Horace Mann [1701-1786], British envoy at Florence. First Edition, consisting of Letters on the Study and Use of History (written in 1738 and originally privately printed before Bolingbroke's death), Plan for a General History, Of The True Use of Retirement and Study, and Reflections upon Exile. In the Letters on the Study and Use of History Bolingbroke made famous the maxim 'History is philosophy teaching by examples'. NCBEL II 1120. Rothschild 418.
$400 USD                          Book Number: elala4442                         Order / Enquire

BORGESE, G[iuseppe] A[ntonio].
Goliath: The March of Fascism.
New York: Viking Press, 1937..
8vo. pp. ix, [1], 483. cloth (few spots, light staining on rear cover). Signed Presentation Copy to Walter Lichtenstein. First Edition of the English Translation.
$85 USD                          Book Number: elala5788                         Order / Enquire

[BOULANGER, Nicolas Antoine] [1722-1759].
Recherches Sur L'Origine Du Despotisme Oriental. Ouvrage posthume de B.I.D.P.E.C.
London: Seyffert, 1762..
12mo. pp. xviii, [19]-264. complete with half-title. engraved title vignette. contemporary mottled calf (bit worn). Intended as an introduction and key to Montesquieu's L'Esprit des Loix, Boulanger's theological-political treatise was edited and first published posthumously in 1761 by the Baron d'Holbach. The work was incorporated in a shortened form under the title Oeconomie politique in the Encyclopédie. [BOUND WITH:] BOULANGER, [Nicolas Antoine]. Dissertation Sur Élie Et Enoch. Par l'Auteur (Mr. Boulanger) Des Recherches Sur L'Origine Du Despotisme Oriental Et servant de suite à cet Ouvrage. 12mo. pp. xiv, [15]-216. with half-title. engraved title vignette. folding table. np: np, [1764]. First Edition. Announced on the half-title as being a second part to the Recherches. Included at the end, pp. [159]ff., is Traité Mathématique Sur Le Bonheur by Benjamin Stillingfleet, with a preliminary letter by the translator, Étienne de Silhouette.Vercruysse 1762 F2 & 1764 F1. cfCioranescu 13420 & Cioranescu 13421. cfBarbier IV 30. cfSabin 6884.
$1099 USD                          Book Number: POUch[BO22                         Order / Enquire

BOWLE, John.
Hobbes And His Critics: A Study in Seventeenth Century Constitutionalism.
London: Jonathan Cape, [1951]..
8vo. pp. 215. biblio. index. cloth. dw. Canadian scholar, journalist & broadcaster James Eayrs's copy, signed. First Edition. [WITH]: STEWART, J.B. Hobbes Among The Critics. Reprinted From Political Science Quarterly. Vol. LXXIII, No. 4, December 1958. 8vo. pp. 1 p.l., 547-565. wr. (wrs. slightly discoloured, text leaves browned). New York: Academy of Political Science, 1958.
$75 USD                          Book Number: dola2547                         Order / Enquire

[BROSSES, Charles De] [1709-1777].
Du Culte Des Dieux Fétiches, Ou Parallèle de l'ancienne Religion de l'Égypte avec la Religion actuelle de Nigritie.
[Paris]: 1760..
12mo. pp. 285. with half-title. woodcut title vignette, headpiece & initial. 19th century half calf (corners bumped, joints cracked, some foxing & browning throughout). First Edition. "De Brosses was a pioneer of the science of comparative religion. In his memoir Du culte des dieux fétiches., reprinted in the Encyclopédie, he combated the then prevailing tendency to interpret ancient mythologies and religious systems, notably that of Egypt, as profound symbolism and upheld the thesis that ancient Egyptian religion did not differ substantially from the primitive cults of native Africa. The work, which the French Academy refused to print in its transactions and which gave rise to violent attacks, anticipates the modern anthropological method of approach to the history of religions." (Robert Briffault, Encyc. of Social Sciences) Brunet I 1277.
$1499 USD                          Book Number: PROC[BRO49                         Order / Enquire

BUBER, Martin.
Paths In Utopia Translated by R.C.C. Hull.
London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, [1949]..
8vo. pp. [8], 152. original cloth (library bookplate, number on lower spine, rust stains from paperclip on first few leaves). First Edition of the English Translation.
$90 USD                          Book Number: PBEthBUB56                         Order / Enquire

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