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RELATIONS De La Louisiane, Et Du Fleuve Mississipi, Où l'on voit l'état de ce grand Païs & les avantages qu'il peut produire &c.
Amsterdam: Jean Frédéric Bernard, 1720..
12mo. pp. 1 p.l., 408. lacking half-title. folding engraved map & 14 engraved plates (incl. frontis.). title in red & black. woodcut title vignette. contemporary sprinkled calf, gilt back (short split in upper front joint). A collection of four relations, three very important ones describing Louisiana and the explorations of La Salle, which Streeter conjectures was brought out to boom the Mississippi Company. Included are Relation de la Louisianne ou Mississipi, Écrite à une Dame, par un Officier de Marine (pp. 1-34); Relation de la Louisianne, et du Mississippi par Le Chevalier de Tonti Gouvernour du Fort Saint Louis, aux Ilinois (pp. 35-198); Voyage En Un Pays Plus Grand Que L'Europe.par Le R. P. Hennepin (pp. 191-381); Relation Des Voyages De Gosnol, Pringe Et Gilbert. à la Virginie en 1602. & 1603 (pp. 382-408). The large folding map, Carte de la Louisiane et du Cours du Mississippi, is re-engraved on a smaller scale after the famous De L'Isle map of the same title of 1718 (Sabin notes a map of Virginia). Bell B190. European Americana 720/18 [vide BERNARD]. Howes T294 (vide TONTY; lacking 1 plate). JCB I 280 (lacking the plates?). Sabin 69299. Streeter I 117 (lacking the plates). See Gagnon I 2950 & TPL 177 for Bernard's Recueil. [BOUND WITH:] RECUEIL D'Arrests & Autres pièces pour l'Établissement De La Compagnie D'Occident. Relation de la Baie de Hudson. Les Navigations De Frobisher, au Détroit qu porte son nom. 12mo. pp. 2 p.l., 253, 100. with half-title. folding engraved map & 3 engraved plates. title in red & black. woodcut title vignette. (parts misbound). Amsterdam: Jean Frédéric Bernard, 1720. The Recueil d'Arrests (pp. 253) is apparently the first collected edition of official documents and letters patent (1717-19) relating to the famous 'Compagnie de l'Occident ou de la Louisiane', later the 'Compagnie des Indes', under the proprietorship of Scottish monetary theorist and financier, John Law [1671-1729]. The Company was granted exclusive privilege to colonize and develop the vast French territories of the Mississippi Valley in North America, which potential resources were used to increase the issue and circulation of paper money by the Banque Générale of France, also controlled by Law. The Mississippi venture attracted growing public enthusiasm and speculation and finally resulted in the first great bankruptcy in American history, the Mississippi Bubble. Also included here (pp. 39 of Part II) is the first edition (see Vlach and DCB) of the Relation de la Baie de Hudson by Nicolas Jérémie [1669-1732], a valuable, and one of the only, first-hand accounts of French fur-trading activity in the Hudson's Bay region, covering the period 1694-1714. Jérémie, a fur trader in the service of the Compagnie du Nord, was stationed at the French posts in the region for most of that period. In 1694, he was attached to the sieur d'Iberville's expedition against the English posts there, and for six years, from 1709, Jérémie was governor at Fort Bourbon (York Factory); in 1714, he surrendered to the British in accord with the terms of the Treaty of Utrecht. Accurate and informative observations and descriptions are also provided of Indian and Esquimaux manners and customs, topography, ice conditions, flora and fauna (walrus, beaver, caribou). The description of the musk-ox and the mention of the existence of copper in the north-west appear to be the earliest accounts given. Jérémie's Relation was probably written at the request of the King or one of his counsellors or ministers and ends with a report on the future prospects of the Hudson's Bay Territory and the regions further west. The last section (pp. 40-100) contains a French translation of the accounts of Martin Frobisher's three v
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[Toronto]: University of Toronto Press, 1935-67..
Volumes I-XXX. (4 Issues per year). plus 3 Vols. of Indexes. almost a complete run: lacking only one issue: Vol. VIII No. 1. 8vo. original printed wrs.
$2883 USD                          Book Number: CETHE CA15                         Order / Enquire

THE CASE Of The British Troops serving in Germany. Humbly Submitted To The Consideration of Parliament, With Occasional Remarks on the Fallacy of the French Historical Memorial.
London: Printed for G.Kearsly, 1761..
8vo. pp. 2 p.l., 80. with half-title. disbound (half-title soiled). First Edition. Including a reference to "the defeat of general Braddock; and all the other distresses and disgraces we underwent in North America". (p. 7)
$100 USD                          Book Number: elala1948                         Order / Enquire

THE COLONIAL POLICY Of Great Britain, Considered With Relation To Her North American Provinces, And West India Possessions; Wherein The Dangerous Tendency Of American Competition Is Developed, And The Necessity Of Recommencing A Colonial System On A Vigorous And Extensive Scale, Exhibited And Defended; With Plans For The Promotion Of Emigration, And Strictures On The Treaty Of Ghent. By A British Traveller.
Philadelphia: M.Carey, Sold by Him and Wells and Lilly, Boston, 1816..
12mo. pp. 24(ads), xxxiii, 227. contemporary half sheep (rubbed, moderate foxing). First American Edition. A severely anti-American work, in which the anonymous author attempts "to show the erroneous judgment which Great Britain has entertained of disclose the deadly hatred, the rooted antipathy, the active and insatiable ambition of the prove that.she must be watched with a jealous eye, and vigilant precaution exercised to prevent an insidious and aspiring nation from giving her vital interests a mortal blow" (p. xxxi) Among other things he discusses the security of the British American colonies, the North American fisheries, the lumber, cattle and flour trade, Great Britain and America as manufacturing rivals, plans for encouraging emigration to Canada, and securing the colony's frontier by means of military establishments, and the importance of the West India colonies. Sabin 14695. Shaw & Shoemaker 37301. cfGoldsmiths' 21465, cfKress B.6669, cfLande 145, cfTPL 1089 (1st Edn: London: 1816).
$500 USD                          Book Number: elala1724                         Order / Enquire

THE CULTIVATOR, A Monthly Publication, Designed To Improve The Soil And The Mind. Published By The New York State Agricultural Society, And Conducted By J.Buel, J.P.Beekman And J.D.Wasson. Volumes I-II.
Albany: Steam Press Of Packard, Van Benthuysen & Co., 1838..
2 Volumes in 1. 4to. pp. 160; 174. woodcut vignette on titles. numerous text illus. text in double columns. contemporary half calf over embossed cloth sides (spine rubbed, corners worn, foot of spine damaged, cloth spotted, some foxing throughout). Presentation bookplate from the Provincial Agricultural Association of Upper Canada to a James Taylor for Leicester sheep exhibited at the first Grand Provincial Show, Toronto, October 21-22, 1946. Second Edition. cfSabin 17869.
$225 USD                          Book Number: elala2557                         Order / Enquire

THE DEW-DROP: A Tribute Of Affection. For MDCCCLIII.
Philadelphia: Lippincott, Grambo & Co., 1853..
12mo. pp. 1 p.l., [vii]-x, [1 leaf], [13]-328. 8 aquatint plates by Sartain after Buckner, Wright & others (incl. frontis. & additional title). original blind & gilt-stamped roan, all edges gilt (extremities worn, joints rubbed, pieces chipped from spine, some marginal foxing & foxing to tissue guards). Faxon 169.
$75 USD                          Book Number: elala1802                         Order / Enquire

THE HOUSEHOLD COMPANION A Monthly Magazine Devoted To The Improvement And Amusement Of The Family Circle. Vol. III. Nos. 37-38.
Toronto: Bryant Press, September-October, 1894..
2 Issues. folio. pp. [65]-72; [73]-80. 4-column text. text illus. self-wrs. (small hole in first 2 leaves with slight loss, slight soiling to last page of each issue). Including articles on fashion (illustrated), cooking, and health, stories, readers' letters, puzzles, &c.
$100 USD                          Book Number: elala4989                         Order / Enquire

THE ILLUSTRATED SOUVENIR A Gift Book for the Holidays.
Boston: Stone & Co., [c1852]..
8vo. pp. iv, 190, 190, [1]. 6 steel-engraved plates (incl. frontis.) & numerous wood-engraved text illus. (some full-page). original blind & gilt-stamped cloth (extremities frayed & chipped, lower front cover slightly warped, plates foxed & some leaves browned). Faxon 386.
$150 USD                          Book Number: elala1805                         Order / Enquire

THE ILLUSTRATED WAR NEWS Nos. 1 To 18, Inclusive. Containing All The Illustrations Referring To The North-West Rebellion of 1885, From Its Outbreak to The Return And Disbanding Of The Troops.
Toronto: The Grip Printing And Publishing Co., 1885..
folio. pp. 1 p.l., 150. lacking final leaf of text & 4-page supplementary 'Honour Roll'. 15 double-page unnumbered inserts of tinted illus. numerous other illus. (some tinted). original leather-backed gilt-stamped cloth bds. (very worn, contents loose in binding, stitching broken, few marginal tears, lacking rear flyleaf, front flyleaf loose & torn). Peel 1460. Lande 1245.
$2500 USD                          Book Number: elala3839                         Order / Enquire

Winnipeg: [Printed by Alexander Begg], January 10, 1878-December 23, 1878..
[each no. present in its English & French versions]. folio. pp. 94; 76. text in double columns. woodcut coat of arms at head of each issue. old half calf by R.W.Taylor, Book-Binder, Winnipeg, Manitoba, with Taylor's binder's ticket (calf somewhat worn but binding solid, library stamp on lower spine, internally fine). name of former owner, W.D.Ardagh, penned on calf of upper cover.
$650 USD                          Book Number: elala4689                         Order / Enquire

Winnipeg: [Printed by Alexander Begg], January 10, 1881-December 31, 1881..
[while in correct date order, the issues are actually numbered as follows: Vol. X, Nos. 1-3, Vol. IX, Nos. 18, 5-9, Vol. X, No. 10, Vol. IX, Nos. 11-16, 'Extra', Vol. X, Nos. 17-22, 'Extra']. folio. pp. [1]-90, [110]-251. text in English & French in double columns. woodcut coat of arms at head of each issue. old half calf by R.W.Taylor, Book-Binder, Winnipeg, Manitoba, with Taylor's rubberstamp (rubbed, library stamp on lower spine, internally fine). name of former owner, W.D.Ardagh, penned on calf of upper cover.
$750 USD                          Book Number: elala4690                         Order / Enquire

THE NATION. Vol. I. No. 1. April 2, 1874 - Vol.I. - No. 40. December 31, 1874.
Toronto: 1874..
40 Issues. folio. text in triple columns. contemporary half roan (very worn, covers detached, spine defective, internally very good). The paper ceased publication on Sept. 29/76.
$400 USD                          Book Number: elala2177                         Order / Enquire

THOUGHTS On The Canada Bill, Now Depending In Parliament.
London: Printed For J.Debrett, 1791..
8vo. pp. 2 p.l., 50. with half-title. modern half calf by Bayntun. First Edition. A systematic critique of the terms of the proposed Constitutional Act, which was drawn up with a view to redressing colonial grievances arising from the Quebec Act of 1774. The author laments the difficulties created by the plan of dividing Quebec into the two provinces of Upper and Lower Canada, a measure which he deems to be "unwise, impolitic, dangerous and expensive", and recommends the closer examination and granting of the principal objects solicited by the Quebec petitioners: "A House of Assembly, for the purpose of representing the wants, and furthering the interests of the Province; The Habeas Corpus and Trial by Jury to guard their liberties; certain Laws to protect their property; and independent Judges to administer and protect the Laws". As British subjects, he urges, the inhabitants of Quebec must be guaranteed the full and secure enjoyment of British rights and liberties. The pamphlet is listed as anonymous in the bibliographies, with Gagnon suggesting a lawyer named Powys as the possible author. An inscribed copy recently offered by Ximenes Rare Books in New York would appear to establish that the work was written by John de Grenier Fonblanque, a prominent London lawyer who acted as leading counsel on behalf of the merchants in London in their opposition to the Quebec Act. Casey I 741. Dionne II 890. Gagnon I 3536. Goldsmiths' 14727. Lande 839. Sabin 10614. TPL 635. Vlach 717.
$1499 USD                          Book Number: elala1137                         Order / Enquire

TREASURES OF USE And Beauty Or, The Popular Art and Literary Educator...By A Corps Of Special Authors.
Windsor, Ont.: J.B.Young, 1886..
8vo. pp. ix, [10]-493, [9]. 16 wood-engraved plates of flowers & leaves, 10 Canadian plates (mostly views) & numerous text illus. original gilt, black & blind-stamped cloth (shaken: inner hinges cracked, extremities frayed, staining to lower covers). The first part of the work contains sections on home decoration, working with flowers and leaves, window gardening, china painting, needlework, the care of canaries, recipes, while the second is devoted to Canadian geography and history and the art of letter writing.
$150 USD                          Book Number: elala4510                         Order / Enquire

YOUTH'S KEEPSAKE. A Christmas And New Year's Gift For Young People.
Boston: John Allen & Co., 1836..
12mo. pp. 2 p.l., [7]-214. 6 steel-engraved plates (incl. frontis.) & several wood-engraved text illus. original quarter roan (rubbed, head of spine wanting, some foxing). Faxon 878.
$125 USD                          Book Number: elala1814                         Order / Enquire

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