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The debilitated situation of a monarchical Government when puffed up by pride. The flourishing condition of a well-formed industrious Republic.
[np: c1836]..
12" x 16 ¾" (30.2 x 42.4 cm). lithograph. This anonymous political caricature contrasts the prosperous United States with the debt-ridden French monarchy. Andrew Jackson of the United States is holding the Treaty of 1831 (relating to American shipping losses in the Napoleonic Wars) and Louis Philippe of France is holding "Fortunate speculation 25 millions".
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[BOWLES, Thomas] [fl. 1700-1763] & [BOWLES, John] [1701-1779].
A View of the Taking of Quebec September 13th, 1759. Shewing the manner of debarking the English Forces, & of the resolute scrambling of the light Infantry.Also a view of the signal Victory obtained over the French regulars, Canadians and Indians, which produced the surrender of Quebec.[French title].
London: Printed for Robert Wilkinson No. 58 Cornhil & Bowles & Carver No. 69 St. Pauls Church Yard, [c1795]..
13 3/4 x 16 1/2 inches. original colour. engraving (several tears & small holes & margins discolouration with surface abrasions, professionally restored). Bowles' successors, Robert Wilkinson and Bowles & Carver re-issued A View of the Taking of Quebec (first issued circa 1760). Robert Wilkinson was active from 1785 to 1825 and Bowles & Carver published maps and prints from 1794-1832. cfJefferys, A Catalogue Of The Sigmund Samuel Collection, 362. cfSpendlove, The Face of Early Canada, p.10. cfWebster, Catalogue Of The John Clarence Webster Canadian Collection (Pictorial Section), 1387 (1797 Laurie & Whittle edition).
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HABERMANN, Francois Xavier [1721-1796].
Vüe de la Rue des Recolets dans la haute Ville de Quebec.[Title also in German]. Collection des Prospects Vue De La Rue. [Upper Margin mirror image title]. Gravé par Francois Xav. Habermann.
Augsburg: [c1775]..
12 3/4 x 16 1/2 inches (entire sheet; 32.4 x 41.9 cm). etching. original colour with cutouts to windows & doors, mounted on board with additional sheet on verso for use in viewing box (few stains, some cockling & lower margin trimmed inside plate mark). An imaginary view of Quebec from Habermann's Collection des Prospects. Spendlove, The Face of Early Canada, p. 83.
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SANDBY, Thomas [1721-1798] (After).
Eight Views of Windsor Great Park. Published March the 2nd 1772 by John Boydell Engraver in Cheapside.
[London]: 1772..
13 1/2 x 22 1/4 inches (34.8 (plate mark) x 56.6 cm). 8 original hand-coloured etchings & engravings (side margins trimmed near or to borders, one affecting few millimetres of image & 3 with short tears & chips to edges). First issued in 1754, Sandby's eight views of Windsor Great Park were re-published with hand-colour by Boydell in 1772. The series includes eight prints entitled, The Lodge & Stables &c; The Lodge and Garden From the Great Lake; The Moat Island; View from the North side of the Virginia River, near the Manour Lodge; The Cascade and Grotto; The Great Bridge over the Virginia River; The Great Lake, near the Lodge; and The New Building on Shrubs Hill. The views were engraved by the artist's brother, Paul Sandby, Mason, Vivares, Rooker, Austin and Canot.
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SMYTH, Hervey [1734-1811] (after).
A View of Quebec from the Bason. Painted from the Drawing of Hery. Smith Esq. By Frances Swain. P. C. Canot Sculpt. London Printed for T. Bowles.F. Bakewell & H. Parker. Robt. Sayer.
London: [c1760's]..
13 x 17 1/2 inches (engraved surface; 33 x 44.2 cm). modern colour. engraving (upper corner of right margin restored, soiling, chips & tears to margins, two affecting small portion of engraved surface, backed on archival tissue). Bowles, Bakewell, Parker & Sayer issue of Smyth's A View of Quebec. This view of Quebec was drawn by Captain Smyth, the aide-de-camp to General Wolfe, and executed by Swain. The print shows Admiral Saunder's fleet in the St. Lawrence with Quebec in the distance. The keyed reference identifies the batteries and buildings, including the Governor's House, Jesuits College, Bishops Palace, Seminary, Hotel Dieu, Intendants Palace, Hospital &c. Jefferys, A Catalogue Of The Sigmund Samuel Collection, 377. de Volpi, Quebec, Plate 12. Toronto Public Library, Landmarks of Canada, 2083.
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WALLACE, William [Active 1824-1841] (After). SMILLIE, James [1807-1885] (Engraver).
[The Quebec Driving Club meeting at the Place d'Armes].
[Quebec?: c1826]..
8 3/4 x 15 1/4 inches (22.1 x 38.5 cm). etching & aquatint (trimmed to borders, thus, loss of title & dedication, remnants of cellotape to upper edge & lower corners of verso, old backing on verso of print). First State "[of] undoubtedly the finest Canadian sleighing scene printed in Canada". (Allodi p. 51) Spendlove (p. 87) calls this etching "[a] print of considerable rarity". Engraved by James Smillie from a drawing by William Wallace of the 71st Light Infantry, this view shows the Quebec Driving Club enjoying a winter excursion in front of the Place d'Armes. Contrasting local figures are shown in the foreground riding a horse drawn sledge and a dog sled (initialled 'G.S.'). There are many interesting details, including street signs, buildings, the shop sign of his father, 'D Smillie & Sons', and Holy Trinity Church. Provenance: British American Bank Note Company Ltd (Allodi refers to two impressions in the 'B.A. Bank Note' collection). Allodi & Tovell, An Engraver's Pilgrimage James Smillie in Quebec, pp. 49-50, No. 32. Spendlove, The Face of Early Canada, pp. 87-88. Allodi, Printmaking in Canada, pp. 50-51 (second state illustrated). Villeneuve, Lord Dalhousie Patron And Collector, pp. 84-85 & No. 107. Harper, Early Painters and Engravers in Canada, pp. 290 & 320.
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ZWINGER, G[ustav] P[hilipp] [1779-1815].
Die Franzosen in Nürnberg als Mitarbeiter an der deutschen Freiheit, 1796 (Upper Border Title). Rechnung über die der Nürnberg durch die Franzosische Invasion erwassene Kosten und Schäden 1796 (Chart Explanation). G. P. Zwinger delin. J Kellner sc. G P Pech exc Norib.
[Nuremberg: c1796]..
18 x 17 3/4 inches (46.5 x 45.7 cm). engraving (horizontal & slanted creasing, few stains - three ink stains on verso with some show through on recto, few small holes to margins & one paper abrasion near upper left corner). This rare engraving depicts the costs and damages of the French invasion of Nuremberg in 1796. The corner vignettes show acts of pillage, rape and "En Cooperateur", of a French soldier includes two extracts from Horace's poetry
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