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Geometrischer Grundris Der Des Heiligen Römischen Reichs Freyen Stadt Nürnberg. B.F.A.G. del: et Sculp: Aug Vind:
[Nuremberg: c1730]..
21 1/4 x 23 1/2 inches (53.9 x 59 cm). black & white engraving (backed on linen, several short tears to margins, some spotting mainly to margins & linen). This city plan of Nuremberg shows streets, public buildings, markets, churches, town walls, districts &c. Seutter also published this plan, but, this edition does not show the publisher, only the initials, B.F.A.G., of the map-maker and engraver.
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Pitner's New Map Of Western Canada Compiled from the latest Official & Private Surveys By G.W. Bacon F.R.G.S... [Inset Map: 'Geological Map Of Western Canada'].
Vancouver: Pitner & Company Limited, [c1911]..
coloured map in sections, as issued, measuring 36 3/4" x 47 1/4" (tears to folds repaired - backed on archival tissue). original gilt-stamped cloth covers. Shows Western Canada in great detail, including, railway and steamship routes, Hudson's Bay Company Posts and an alphabetical index of the towns and villages of Western Canada.
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DE WIT, Frederick [1610-1698].
Poli Arctici, Et Circumiacentium Terrarum Descriptio Novissima per Frederic de Wit.
Amsterdam: [c1715]..
17 x 19 1/2 inches (43.2 x 49.5 cm). engraving. original outline colour (light offsetting & very faint vertical crease). De Wit's Poli Arctici was based on Hondius' 1636 map with the same title. Issued in Renard and Ottens' Atlas de la Navigation, this edition has 'Fol. 3'above the plate mark, an entirely altered Iceland outline and revisions to 'Nova Zemla' (Kershaw's Sixth State & Burden's Seventh State). The map is decorated with four interesting scenes depicting whaling activities. Drawn on a polar projection, the map shows northern Europe, Greenland, Iceland, northern Canada, from Hudson's Bay to the St. Lawrence. The geographical information indicates knowledge gained from the explorations of Frobisher, David, Hudson, Button, Foxe and James. One of the most interesting features of the map (both the Hondius and De Wit editions) is the recognition: "(if conjecturally) the insular character of Baffin Island and, farther north, the possibility of passages through Jones Sound and Lancaster Sound, by which the North-West Passage was eventually, over two and a half centuries later, to be traversed." (Cumming p. 229) Phillips, Atlases, 485 & 592. Koeman IV Ren 1 & 2. Kershaw 104 & Plate 68. Burden 246 (Seventh State). See Cumming, The Discovery Of North America, p. 229 (1636 Hondius).
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DELISLE, Joseph Nicolas de [1688-1768] & BUACHE, Philippe [1700-1773].
Carte des Nouvelles Découvertes au Nord de la Mer du Sud, Tant à l'Est de la Siberie et du Kamtchatka, Qu' à l'Ouest de la Nouvelle France. Dressée sur les Mémoires de Mr. Del'Isle Professeur Royal et de l'Académie des Sciences. Philippe Buache de la même Académie Et Présentée à l'Académie, dans son Assemblée publique du 8. Avril 1750. Par Mr. De l'Isle. Publiée sous le Privilége de l'Académie des Sciences.
Paris: [1752]..
18 ½" x 26 ¼" (47 x 66.4 cm). original & modern colour (name in ink, 'C. Kribber', at lower plate mark & ink notes on verso eradicated with minimal show through at upper left, small pinhole at upper centre fold & minor creasing near centre fold). First state of the famous Buache/Delisle map of the northwest coast. Delisle was privy to valuable Russian confidential information as a result of his involvement in the planning of the second Bering expedition. In 1752 he published his memoir and the Carte des Nouvelles Découvertes showing Russian discoveries in the north Pacific. This "...marked the beginning of a controversy which exercised a bizarre influence on the course of exploration along the Pacific coast of North America". (Cumming et al, pp. 225) The map depicts the Russian discoveries in 1723, 1732, and 1741, de Frondat's voyage of 1709, the route of the Galions in 1743, the Water of Wager &c. Delisle and Buache also incorporated information derived from De Fonte's fictitious account: an elaborate system of inland seas and straits, the enormous Sea of the West, and, most importantly, a Northwest Passage from the Pacific to the Atlantic. The map has a broad top border containing the title within a cartouche and engravings of a native of Kamchatka and a North American Indian in the top corners. Tooley, The Mapping of America, p. 34, No. 101. Kershaw, Early Printed Maps Of Canada, Vol. IV, 1201 & Plate 944. Cumming,The Exploration of North America, pp. 222-226. Armstrong, From Sea Unto Sea, 24. Glenbow Museum, The Canadian West Discovered, No. 6. Wagner, The Cartography of the Northwest Coast of America, 566.
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Philips' Planisphere Showing The Principal Stars Visible For Every Hour In The Year. George Philip & Son, Ltd., The London Geographical Institute, 32 Fleet Street, London, E.C.4. Philip, Son & Nephew, Ltd., Liverpool, 1. Printed in Great Britain By George Philip And Son, Ltd., London.
London: [c1925]..
blue cardboard & revolving brown leather discs (light wear to extremities). measuring 31 cm in diameter. Verso 'Explanation' & 'A Selection of Popular Astronomical Aids'. "The gilt figures on the leather disc represent clock time.On the movable cardboard disc are marked the months of the year.To find that part of the Heavens visible at any stated time, revolve the movable disc till the day of the month marked upon its edge, corresponds with the time of day or night figured upon the leather disc."(Verso)
$500 USD                          Book Number: sala16                         Order / Enquire

LA PEROUSE, Jean François De Galoup, Comte de [1741-1788].
Carte Particuliere De La CÔte Du Nord-Ouest De L'Amérique reconnue par les Frégates Francaises La Boussole et L'Astrolabe en 1786. 1e Feuille. Atlas du Voyage de la Pérouse. No. 17. Hérault scrip.
[Paris: 1797]..
19 1/4" x 26 3/4". engraving (paper flaws below upper border & lower margin). This map shows La Pérouse's 1786 northwest coast exploration route from Mount St. Elias on the Alaska-Canada border to 'Baie de Clonard', a cove on the west side of Graham Island. La Pérouse was appointed to lead a French expedition which would further the scientific and geographical exploration of the northwest. He was also charged with continuing the search for the North-West passage from the Pacific side. Wagner, Cartography Of The Northwest Coast Of America, 841. Phillips, Atlases, 688. Falk, Alaskan Maps, 1797-9.
$1500 USD                          Book Number: elala4671                         Order / Enquire

LA PEROUSE, Jean François De Galoup, Comte de [1741-1788].
Chart of the Northwest Coast of America. Explored by the Boussole and Astrolabe in 1786. 1st Sheet.
London: G.G. and J.Robinson, 1798..
16 1/4" x 21 1/4" (41.3 x 54.3 cm). engraving (paper weakness at centre fold). cfWagner 841 & Falk, Alaskan Maps, 1797-9 (French edition).
$900 USD                          Book Number: elala4672                         Order / Enquire

LA PEROUSE, Jean François De Galoup, Comte de [1741-1788].
Chart of the Northwest Coast of America. Explored by the Boussole and Astrolabe in 1786. 2nd Sheet.
London: G.G. and J.Robinson, 1798..
16 1/4" x 20 3/4" (41.3 x 52.1 cm). engraving (paper weakness at centre fold). cfWagner 842 & Falk, Alaskan Maps, 1797-9 (French edition).
$1200 USD                          Book Number: elala4673                         Order / Enquire

LAURIE, Robert & WHITTLE, James.
A New And Correct Map Of The British Colonies In North America Comprehending Eastern Canada with the Province Of Quebec. London. Publish'd by Laurie & Whittle, 53 Fleet Street, 12th May, 1794.
London: 1794..
18 3/4 x 26 inches (48.9 x 66 cm). engraving. original outline colour (few short tears to margins, centre fold tear repaired, light browning). Laurie and Whittle's map show Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Quebec, Labrador and the United States as far south as Annapolis and London, Maryland. The map provides detailed information on tribal locations, including the 'Mikmaks', Eskimaux, Abenakis, Iroquois, 'Mistassins' &c. The distinctive cartouche at the upper right shows a beaver. Fourth State? cfKershaw 717 (third state, dated January 1st, 1794).
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LOTTER, Tobias Conrad [1717-1777].
Carte de l'Ocean Pacifique au Nord de l'Equator, et des Côtes qui le bornent des deux côtes: d'aprés les derniéres Découvertes faites par les Espagnols, les Russes et les Anglois, jusqu'en 1780.
Augsburg: [1781]..
19 1/4" x 22 1/4" (48.8 x 56.5 cm). original colour. old manuscript notes in two hands (margins little discoloured & ragged). Based on Kitchen's A Chart of the discoveries made by the late Captain Cook (1780), Lotter's chart traces Cook's voyage to the northwest coast and Spanish exploration routes. Kershaw 1137 & Plate 887. Wagner 672.
$1300 USD                          Book Number: elala4675                         Order / Enquire

MÜLLER, Gerard Friedrich [1705-1783].
Nouvelle Carte Des Decouvertes Faites Par Des Vaisseaux Russiens Aux Côtes Inconnues De l'Amérique Septenrionale Avec Les Pais Adiacents Dressée Sur Des Memoires authentiques. A St. Petersbourg a l'Academie Imperiale des Sciences 1784.
St. Petersburg: 1784..
19 3/4 x 26 1/4 inches (50.1 x 66.6 cm). engraving. original outline colour. Müller's Nouvelle Carte ".is one of the most important maps of the northwest coast produced in the eighteenth century and the first to delineate the area with accuracy."(Verner & Stuart-Stubbs). First published in 1754, several editions of the map were published over a thirty year period. The important 1773 revisions, including the revised Alaska outline, were maintained in the 1784 edition. Müller was the supervisor of the Geographic Department of the Akademiya Nauk. His Nouvelle Carte was the first official map to show the Russian discoveries in the North Pacific. "The map illustrates the official Russian viewpoint that not only was the land sighted by the Russians at the farthest east part of the American mainland, but most of the coastline glimpsed on the return voyage, as well as the land seen by Gwosdev in 1732 opposite the eastern tip of Asia." (Cummings et Al p. 255). It includes the tracks of Bering and Chrikov's 1741 exploration routes and Dezhnev's voyage, from the mouth of the Kolyma River eastward and around the Chukotsk Cape. Cummings, The Exploration of North America, p. 225. Bagrow, A History Of Russian Cartography Up To 1800, pp. 163. Medushevskya, 'Cartographic Sources For The History Of Russian Geographical Discoveries In The Pacific Ocean', Cartographica, Monograph No. 13/75, pp. 71-73. Tooley, Landmarks of Mapmaking, p. 131. Falk, Alaskan Maps, 1784-10. cfWagner 591. cfGlenbow Museum, The Canadian West Discovered, p. 34. cfKershaw 1114. cfFite & Freeman, A Book Of Old Maps, 51. cfVerner & Stuart-Stubbs, The North Part Of America, 38 & p. 275.
$2997 USD                          Book Number: sala15                         Order / Enquire

NOLL, E.P. & CO.
New Automobile Road, And Driving Map Of Philadelphia And Surrounding Country From the Latest Official Surveys and Records.
Philadelphia: 1920..
109 x 68 cm. backed on linen. folding map in original cloth casing.
$125 USD                          Book Number: dola409                         Order / Enquire

RAND, McNally & Co.'s Indexed Pocket Map And Shippers' Guide Of Alberta. Showing in Detail the Entire Railroad System.
Chicago & New York: Rand, McNally & Co., [1911]..
12mo. pp, 14. folding map measuring 66 x 47.1 cm. printed wrs. (few short tears to folds of map).
$305 USD                          Book Number: sala6                         Order / Enquire

ROBERTS, Lieutenant Henry.
Chart of the N.W. Coast of America and the N.E. Coast of Asia, Explored in the Years 1778 and 1779. Prepared by Lieut. Henry. Roberts under the immediate inspection of Capt. Cook.
London: Wm. Faden, 1794..
17" x 27 1/2" (43.2 x 69.8 cm). original outline colour. Second state, revised and updated, to include new geographical information on Siberia, Kamchatka and the Aleutian Islands. Roberts' chart of the northwest coast of America and the Canadian interior traces Cook's explorations on the coast and Mackenzie and Hearne's inland expeditions. Descriptive notes on rivers and lakes (Great Slave Lake, Coppermine River &c.) are provided. The Buache/Delisle Sea of the West is given a tentative location: "Sea of the West of Philippe Buache in 1752, communicating with the Mishinip (Great Water) Lake, which appears to be the Arathepescow Lake of Mr. Dalrymple". cfWagner 700 (1784 edition). Tooley, The Mapping of America, p. 92.64(b). Kershaw 1152 & Plate 901.
$1500 USD                          Book Number: elala4715                         Order / Enquire

[ROBERTS, Lieutenant Henry].
Chart of the NW Coast of America and N E Coast of Asia explored in the Years 1778 & 1779 The unshaded parts of the Coast of Asia are taken from a M S Chart received from the Russians. Writing engraved by T. Harmar.
[London: 1784]..
17" x 27 3/4" (43.2 x 70.3 cm). (short tear near upper center fold). This chart of the northwest coast of America and the northeast coast of Asia was published in the atlas to Cook's third voyage. On this voyage Cook accomplished the monumental charting of the northwest coast of America from Oregon at 44 degrees to Bering Strait at 70 degrees (Icy Cape, Alaska). The chart traces Cook's exploration route from March 7th, 1778 to April 23, 1779. Wagner 696 (vide HARMAR). Kershaw 1140 & Plate 890 (vide Cook-Harmar). Tooley, The Mapping of America, p. 92.64(a).
$1200 USD                          Book Number: elala4714                         Order / Enquire

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