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Esopo con la vita sua historiate vulgare & latino.
[Colophon]: Milan: Bernardino de Castello, 1520.
2 Parts in 1. small 8vo. ff. [78]; [54]. first part lacking 2 leaves, K1 & K8, the latter blank; part II lacking 28 leaves (G1, G8, and quires H-K). Latin & Italian text. large woodcut of a master & his pupils on title to each part & 68 (of 84) smaller woodcuts in the text. full dark blue morocco by Zaehnsdorf, gilt inside dentelles (small hole in last 2 leaves with loss of several letters, marginal fraying & soiling to some leaves, dampstaining to last few leaves, other occasional stains, several small wormholes in centre gatherings but text legible). Rare. The woodcuts are quite different from those illustrating the Milan 1503 edition printed by Leonardus Pachel (see Mortimer 4). Sander notes that they were executed by several artists, those in the fables being particularly interesting and, but for the date given in the colophon, suggestive of a later, more mature style. Our copy, like that cited by Sander as being described by Leighton, has variant reading 'Impressum Mediolani.' in colophon to first part. There are no copies located in North American libraries by NUC. Sander 93. BM, STC Italian, p. 8. This edition not in Adams, Mortimer, or Rosenwald.
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APPIAN, of Alexandria [c95-c165].
[Greek Title].Romanarum Historiarum.Ex Bibliotheca Regia.
Paris: Charles Estienne, 1551.
folio. pp. 393, [2]. Greek letter. Estienne's basilisk device as king's printer for Greek texts on title. foliated & grotesque woodcut ornaments & initials by Geoffrey Tory. An attractive copy in 19th century blind-tooled calf in 16th century style (private library stamp on front flyleaf). armorial bookplate of L.K.Elmhirst. Editio Princeps of the Appian's history of Rome to the time of the accession of Vespasian in 70 A.D., a work of particular value for containing the only comprehensive and detailed information available for the period of the civil wars. It is one of a series of Greek texts printed by the Estiennes from manuscripts in the royal library, but the first of only two Greek works to bear Charles Estienne's imprint. The project was initiated by his brother Robert but completed by Charles following Robert's departure from Paris. Unfortunately Charles was not a businessman by inclination, and after only ten years as head of the press, he was reduced to poverty and died in debtor's prison. "This volume is generally cited as the supreme example of the use of the Royal Greek types; it is, in fact, the first classical text printed in all three sizes of [Garamond's] "grecs du roi" (first used together the preceding year in the New Testament.". (Schreiber) "One of the most exquisite books printed from these fonts is Charles and Robert Estienne's Greek edition of Appian.All three sizes of type are used in it. The type in mass, and the proportion and imposition of the type-page, are very splendid, and there is another reason for looking at it. The superb decorations and initials by [Geoffrey] Tory are wonderful, in their accord with the colour of the Greek text, in their printable qualities and in their grace of design." (D. B. Updike, Printing Types I, 23-8) "There are few Greek volumes of more beautiful execution than this Editio Princeps of Appian." (Dibdin) Adams A-1340. BM STC French p. 21. Dibdin (4th Edn.). I pp. 279-80. Renouard 102.4. Mortimer, French 16th Century Books, 29. Schreiber 126. Brunet I 356.
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[Greek Title].Comoediae Undecim.
Venice: Giovanni Griffio, 1548..
8vo. ff. 279, [1]. printer's device on title & verso of last leaf. woodcut initials. Greek text. old calf (worn but sound, foot of spine repaired, some headlines shaved, rubberstamp on title, some minor spotting). "A very correct edition, according to Hemsterhusius" (Dibdin), edited by Italian linguist and grammarian, Angelo Canini [1521-57]. At the end is an interesting note to the reader, in which the printer excuses himself for not having furnished the Emendationis ratio promised on the title. Ownership inscription on title of Lorenzo Alessandro Zaccagni [d. 1712]. Zaccagni, an Italian scholar and antiquary, was keeper of the Library of the Vatican and published an important work on the ancient memorials of the Church in 1698. Adams A1716. BM STC Italian p. 42. Brunet I 452. Dibdin I 298. Moss I 93.
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L'Ethica.Tradotta In Lingua Vulgare Fiorentina Et Comentata Per Bernardo Segni.
Florence: [Lorenzo Torrentino], 1550.
4to. pp. 547, [11]. title within elaborate architectural woodcut border. several diagrams in the text. historiated initials. A fine copy in 19th century vellum, overlapping fore-edges (covers slightly bowed). First Edition of the celebrated Italian Translation, with commentary, by Bernardo Segni [d. 1558]. "On ne trouve pas facilement cette traduction; elle a du mérite, au moins pour le style, puisqu'elle est citée dans le Vocabulaire de la Crusca." (Brunet) The work is dedicated, as most of Segni's vernacular translations, to Cosimo de' Medici. BM STC Italian p. 46. Brunet I 467. Cranz 108.176. Gamba 87. Graesse I 218. Moss I p. 181. Riley 111. Not in Adams.
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Disputationum Adversus Gentes Libri Octo Nunc primum in lucem editi.
Rome: Francisco Priscianese, [1542, i.e. 1543?]..
folio. ff. [5], 102, [1]. lacking blank a6 & blank R8. initial spaces with guide letters. A tall copy, bound in 17th century red morocco, gilt back, all edges gilt (extremities worn, spine faded & chipped at ends, light soiling to title, occasional faint foxing). Provenance: ownership entry on title of Étienne Baluze ('Stephanus Baluzius Tutelensis') [1630-1718], French historian and librarian to Colbert, Syston Park engraved armorial bookplate & monogram book label of J.H.Thorold, leather ex-libris of bookseller E.P.Goldschmidt, with his ms. note regarding the Baluze inscription. First Edition. Edited by Fausto Sabeo. A vigorous defence of the Christian faith and powerful sarcastic attack on the absurdities of contemporary pagan cults. Arnobius was a distinguished rhetorician at Sicca in Proconsular Africa during the reign of Diocletian before his conversion to Christianity. The present work, which was written about 303 A.D., is a valuable source of information concerning the forms of idolatrous worship, temples, idols, and the Graeco-Roman mythology of the time. While the colophon cites the date '1542', the dedication is dated 'September 1543'. Adams A1994. BM STC Italian p. 56. Brunet I 491. Graesse I 225.
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ARRIANUS, [Flavius].
De Expedit[ione] Alex[andri] Magni, Historiarum Libri VIII. Ex Bonavent. Vulcanii Brug. nova interpretatione.
[Geneva]: Henri Estienne, 1575.
folio. pp. 6 p.l., 198 [i.e. 200; pp. 91-92 repeated in pagination], 68 [i.e. 70; pp. 54-55 repeated in pagination], [10]index, [1 leaf]. complete with blank d6 (not included in pagination). Greek & Latin text in parallel columns. woodcut printer's device on title. woodcut ornaments & initials. A nice copy in contemporary vellum, overlapping fore-edges (light soiling to covers, front endleaves, title & 2 other pages, occasional faint foxing, title with short tear repaired in lower inner margin & small piece torn from lower outer margin). ms. ownership entry on title of the Jesuit College at Antwerp, dated 1619. First Edition Edited by Bonaventura Vulcanius. "An important edition of Arrian's Anabasis of Alexander the Great, and its continuation, the Indica, edited with a Latin translation by the Flemish humanist from Bruges, Bonaventura Vulcanius (De Smet, [1538-1614]); following the texts of Arrian, Vulcanius has added Plutarch's Life of Alexander (in Greek and Latin), as well as Plutarch's essay On the Fortune or Virtue of Alexander (Greek text with the Latin version by Guillaume Budé)." (Schreiber) "This is the first critical edition of the expedition of Alexander by Arrian. Vulcanius, when at Constantinople, received an ancient Greek Ms. from Henry Stephen, which he carefully collated; and by aid of which he improved both the text of the author and the emendations of his predecessors." (Dibdin) On his celebrated march from 334 to 323 B.C., the King of Macedonia led his army from Macedonia through Greece, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Palestine, Persia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and on into India. He was accompanied by a large number of scholars, scientists, cartographers and interpeters, and his expedition added greatly to the geographical knowledge at the time. Adams A2010. Brunet I 497. Dibdin, 4th Edn., I p. 328. Graesse I 227. Howgego A55. Moss I pp. 187-88. Renouard 142, 7. Schreiber 195.
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BAIF, Lazare De [d. 1547].
De Vasculis Libellus, Adulescentulorum causa ex Bayfio decerptus: addita vulgari Latinarum vocum interpretatione.
Lyons: Seb[astian] Gryphius, 1539.
8vo. pp. 54, [5 leaves]. woodcut printer's device on title & on verso of last leaf. 2 woodcut initials. contemporary limp vellum, overlapping fore-edges (ties wanting). [BOUND WITH:] BAIF, Lazare De. De Re Vestiaria Libellus, Ex Bayfio Decerptus. Addita vulgaris linguae interpretatione, in adulescentulorum gratiam atque utilitatem. 8vo. pp. 65, [11], [2 leaves]incl. blank e7. woodcut printer's device on title & on verso of last leaf. 1 woodcut initial. Lyons: Seb[astian] Gryphius, 1539. [BOUND WITH:] BAIF, Lazare De. De Re Navali Libellus, In adolescentulorum bonarum artium studiosorum favorem, ex Bayfii vigiliis excerptus, & in brevem summulam facilitatis gratia redactus. 8vo. pp. 76, [10 leaves]. woodcut printer's device on title & on verso of last leaf. 2 woodcut initials. Lyons: Seb[astian] Gryphius, 1540. Nice grouping of these three famous children's books, abridged adaptations by Charles Estienne [1504-1564] of Lazare de Baïf's scholarly treatises on Roman antiquities. Charles began to prepare the works while employed as private tutor to Lazare's son, Jean Antoine de Baïf, the future poet. First published by Robert Estienne in 1535-37, these are considered to be "the first books produced specifically for the entertainment (unlike school-books) as well as the edification of a juvenile readership." (Schreiber) The first deals with various types of vases, drinking vessels, and receptacles used by the Romans, the second with ancient Roman dress, including sections on carpets and rugs and colours of wools and clothing, and the third with ancient ships. French translations are provided for many terms and each work contains a handy alphabetical index. Adams B56, B44, B51. cfBM STC French p. 39. cfSchreiber 50-53.
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[BENEDICT, Saint, Abbot of Monte Cassino] [c480-c544].
La tresample et vraye exposition de la Reigle monsieur Sainct Benoist: tres Utile et nécessaire à toutes gens de Religion. [by Thibaud Arthauld].
Paris: [Pierre Vidoue for] Simon Vostre, [1510?].
folio. ff. [176]. complete with final blank. Vostre's large shield device on title, large woodcut of the crucifixion on verso. fine criblé initials throughout. printed in bâtard type in double columns. A very nice (washed) copy (occasional light foxing), handsomely bound in full blind & gilt-stamped brown morocco in antique style, all edges gilt, by the French binders, Garden City, New York, 'H.Hardy, relieur, 1939, G.Pilon, doreur'. contemporary ownership inscription of the Celestine Monks of St. Malo on the second leaf. Kalbfleisch leather ex-libris. An exposition of the Benedictine Rule, which became the foundation of the monastic system in the West. Saint Benedict established his monastery at Monte-Cassino, near Naples, about 529, and instituted as the rule of his order, in addition to religious duties, various kinds of manual labour, the instruction of the young, and the transcription of valuable manuscripts. He eliminated the elements of Oriental asceticism, extreme bodily austerity, and eremitism from monastic life, insisting upon moderation, community life and family spirit. "[The Benedictine Rule] holds the first place among monastic legislative codes, and was by far the most important factor in the organization and spread of monasticism in the West." (Catholic Encyclopedia) BM STC French p. 47. Not in Adams.
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The Bible, That Is, The holy Scriptures.
London: the Deputies of Christopher Barker, 1599..
4to. ff. [3], 190, 127, [1]blank; 121, [11]; [55]. lacking A1 (blank?). 3 Volumes in 1 (the first in 2 parts). New Testament title within elaborate woodcut border. lacking general title with woodcut border. numerous woodcut text illus. (incl. 1 map & title vignette). woodcut ornaments & initials. early paneled calf (old repairs, leather worn & cracked, smooth surface layer of leather wanting from spine, lacking free-endpapers, occasional stains & dampmarks, several rust holes in last few leaves affecting several letters of text, small hole in blank margin of title, lower outer corner of fo. 39 in NT torn away with some loss). ownership entry of Jonathan Parker, dated Feb. 3, 1768, with several notes in his hand. Geneva Version; with Tomson's NT, but with Junius' Revelation. This copy agrees with Herbert 248 (based on Pocock, 1883), identified as the earliest of this group of quarto bibles with 1599 Barker imprint as it abounds with gross errors. All were apparently printed in the Low Countries for surreptitious import into England. Herbert suggests that this edition was perhaps printed at Amsterdam about 1599. STC on the other hand (citing The Library, 1954) suggests that it was printed at Amsterdam by J.F.Stam, after 1640(?). Darlow & Moule 188. Herbert 248. Pforzheimer 60. STC 2174 with 2499 [The Book of Psalmes, Amsterdam: J.F.Stam, after 1640?].
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Icones Historiarum Veteris Testamenti.
Lyons: Jean Frellon, 1547.
small 4to. [ff. 52]. woodcut device on title. 94 half-page woodcuts by Hans Holbein & Hans Luetzelburger after Holbein's designs & 4 quarter-page woodcut portraits of the four evangelists by another hand. woodcut initials. full 19th century red morocco, gilt back & inside dentelles, all edges gilt (joints & corners worn, staining to upper front cover, bookplates removed from paste-downs, marginal repairs to first 2 leaves, first gathering lightly embrowned, some dampstaining to inner margins of outer gatherings, occasional light foxing). bookdealer catalogue clippings on front flyleaf & blank. The first of two editions printed by Frellon in 1547. These 1547 editions mark the first appearance of the woodcut portraits of the four evangelists. Each of the fine Holbein woodcuts, four of the Creation and Fall of Man, followed by ninety illustrating Bible history, is accompanied by Latin text and a French quatrain by Gilles Corrozet. Holbein's remarkable woodcuts exerted great influence on later bible illustration. "Regarded as illustrations to the books of the Old Testament, these woodcuts are in all ways admirable.[Holbein] has concentrated his skill.upon the faithful and accurate telling of these sacred stories .and he does this with a perfect understanding of their strong dramatic power and their equally strong human interest.[Holbein] is revealed in them as a teller of stories of the first rank, with the power of seizing the most dramatic moment of each incident he depicts with unfailing instinct, and then representing it with a few unerring strokes of his pencil clearly and simply.". (Chamberlain, Hans Holbein the Younger, New York, 1913, Vol. I, pp. 229ff) Adams B1963. Baudrier V p. 209. BM STC French p. 68. Brun p. 202. Brunet III 252. Fairfax Murray, French, 244. Mortimer, Harvard French Sixteenth Century Books, 281. cfOsborne Collection II 760.
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BONARDO, Gio[vanni] Maria.
La Grandezza, Larghezza, E Distanza Di Tutte Le Sfere ridotte a nostre miglia.
Venice: Fabio & Agostino Zoppini, 1589..
8vo. ff. 132, [4]. full-page woodcut portraits of the author & of Luigi Grotto Cieco D'Adria, who wrote the notes. woodcut device on title. woodcut ornaments & initials. modern wallet-edged vellum (light dampstaining to outer leaves). Fifth Edition (first: 1563). Houzeau & Lancaster state that in his notes Grotto regards spheres as being originally in equilibrium in space, and that they move as a result of magnetic attraction produced by more distant bodies. Adams B2379. Houzeau & Lancaster 2618. This edition not in BM STC Italian.
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CAESAR, Caius Julius.
Commentarii .tradotti di latino in volgar lingua, per Agostino Ortica.
Venice: Comin de Trino, 1541..
8vo. ff. 231. lacking last leaf, presumably blank. woodcut device on title. double-page woodcut map of Spain & 5 full-page woodcuts. woodcut initials. old vellum (vellum soiled & marked, head of spine chipped, bookplate & front free-endpaper removed, scattered stains & light foxing). Scarce Italian edition. The woodcuts are derived not from the original cuts of Giovanni Giocondo as they appeared in the Aldine edition of 1513, but from the free copies of the cuts contained in Filippo Giunta's Florence edition of 1514. This edition not in Adams or BM STC Italian.
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CAMDEN, William [1551-1623].
Britannia Sive Florentissimorum Regnorum, Angliae, Scotiae, Hiberniae, Et Insularum adiacentium ex intima antiquitate Chorographica descriptio.
London: Ralph Newbery, 1587..
2 Parts in 1 with continuous pagination. 8vo. pp. 8 p.l., 648, [21]index, [1]errata. woodcut ornament & cartouche on first title, ornament on 2nd title. woodcut ornaments & initials. later paneled calf (spine dry & flaking, front joint cracked, corners worn, some light foxing & browning). 2 early ownership entries on title. from the library of Thomas Cushing Aylwin [1806-71], lawyer, politician and high court justice of Lower Canada. Second Edition (first published the previous year). The great Elizabethan topographical-historical description of England consumed ten years' travel, study and effort. Camden had to learn Welsh and Anglo-Saxon in order to read both native and other historians, many still in manuscript, and to carefully peruse the public records. The work went through five London editions plus another at Frankfort by 1600, although it was not translated into English until 1610. STC 4504. cfRead 302. cfPrinting and the Mind of Man 101.
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CHARPENTIER, Jacques [1524-1574].
Platonis Cum Aristotele In Universa Philosophia, Comparatio. Quae hoc Commentario, in Alcinoi Institutionem ad eiusdem Platonis doctrinam, explicatur. [with Alcinous's text].
Paris: Jacques Du Puys, 1573.
2 Parts in 1. 4to. pp. 28 p.l., [31], 177 [i.e. 476], [1], [blank leaf]; 4 p.l., 328 [i.e. 329], [1], [3]errata. woodcut device on titles. woodcut ornaments & initials. An appealing copy, bound in contemporary blind-stamped pigskin over wooden bds., brass catches & 1 (of 2) clasps (stain on upper cover). First Edition. Jacques Charpentier [Jacobus Carpentarius] achieved a high reputation as a teacher of philosophy at the Collège de Bourgogne for sixteen years before pursuing medical studies at Paris. In 1566 he obtained the chair of mathematics at the Collège de France, and he served as physician to Charles IX. As a partisan and commentator on Aristotle he wrote several discourses against Pierre Ramus. Adams C759. BM STC French p. 9 [vide ALCINOUS]. Schwab 267. Rand I 85.
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CHAUCER, Geoffrey [c1343-1400].
The Workes.
London: Printed by Adam Islip for Thomas Wight, 1598..
folio. irregular foliation: ff. 1-232, 232, 232-235, 242-243, 246, 243-245, 241, 241-246, 248-300, 302-308, 308-309, 311-314, 321, 317-337, 340-344, 339, 348-358, 358, 360-392, 395, 394. lacking folio 300 (Iii1) & portion of folio 301 (Iii2) & last 15 leaves containing the glossary and errata. 1 leaf misbound. black letter. general title & 2 divisional titles within woodcut borders. engraved portrait of Chaucer by John Speed after Thomas Hoccleve surrounded by armorial devices & a family tree. full-page woodcut of Chaucer's coat of arms. large woodcut headpiece of a knight on horseback. woodcut initials. full leather, c1900 (worn but solid, some browning & occasional stains, corners of several leaves torn away with slight loss, repair to folio 336 with some loss, outer margin of title frayed & repaired with slight loss of border, several other marginal repairs, first divisional title shaved at outer edge). a few old ms. notes. Sixth Edition, the first to be edited by Thomas Speght; issue with Wight imprint. This edition contains the first portrait of Chaucer, the first life of Chaucer printed in English (albeit largely fictitious), some previously unpublished material, Chaucer's English translation of Boethius' Consolation of Philosophy, and several works incorrectly attributed to Chaucer. "[Chaucer] is the first great figure of modern English literature, the first great humorist of modern Europe, and the first great writer in whom the dramatic spirit, so long vanished and seemingly extinct, re-appears. Except Dante, there is no poet of the middle ages of superior faculty and distinction." (DNB) Among his many works, which include The Book of the Duchess, the House of Fame, the Legend of Good Women and Troilus and Criseyde, he is best known today for The Canterbury Tales. Chaucer championed the use of the vernacular, Middle English, at a time when the dominant literary languages in England were French and Latin. In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, he was printed more than any other English author, and he was the first English author to have his works printed in single-volume collected editions. STC 5079. Pforzheimer 177. cfGrolier 1.
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