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COE, Michael D. & Justin KERR.
The Art of the Maya Scribe.
[New York]: Harry N. Abrams, [1997]..
folio. pp. 240. 280 illus. (117 pages in colour). biblio. index. cloth. dw. First Edition.
$100 USD                          Book Number: aff128                         Order / Enquire

The Art Of Ancient Peru.
[New York: Wittenborn and Company, 1971]..
4to. pp. 219, [8]. numerous illus. (many colour). index. cloth. dw. (corners rubbed & plastic coating on dw cracked at spine).
$100 USD                          Book Number: aff129                         Order / Enquire

Indian Art Of Mexico And Central America Color Plates And Line Drawings By The Author. 4to. pp. xvi, 360, xvii, [3].
New York: Alfred K. Knopf, 1957..
profusely illus. (many colour). biblio. index. cloth (discolouration on front end paper & paste down). dw. (edges scuffed, lower right corner slightly soiled). First Edition.
$100 USD                          Book Number: aff130                         Order / Enquire

Art and Archaeology of Pre-Columbian Cuba.
Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, [1996]..
8vo. pp. xxiv, 134. many illus. (some pages colour). biblio. cloth. dw. First Edition.
$55 USD                          Book Number: aff132                         Order / Enquire

DE LA FUENTE, Beatriz; FALCON, Tatiana; RUIZ GALLUT, Maria Elena; SOLIS, Felipe; STAINES CICERO, Leticia & Maria Teresa URIARTE.
The Pre-Columbian Painting Murals Of The Mesoamerica.
[Milan]: Jaca Book Antique Collectors' Club, [1999]..
4to. pp. 272. profusely illus. (many colour). biblio. cloth. dw.
$100 USD                          Book Number: aff133                         Order / Enquire

Between Continents/Between Seas: Precolumbian Art of Costa Rica.
New York & Detroit: Harry N. Abrams in association with the Detroit Institute of Arts, [1981]..
4to. pp. 240. profusely illus. (most colour & full-page). biblio. wrs.
$45 USD                          Book Number: aff134                         Order / Enquire

DIEHL, Richard A.
Tula The Toltec Capital of Ancient Mexico.
[London]: Thames and Hudson, [1983]..
8vo. pp. 184. 130 illus. (15 colour). biblio. index. cloth. dw.
$50 USD                          Book Number: aff135                         Order / Enquire

DONNAN, Christopher B. & Donna McCLELLAND.
Moche Fineline Painting Its Evolution and Its Artists.
Los Angeles: UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History, [1999]..
oblong folio. pp. 319. profusely illus. (numerous colour). index. wrs. First Edition.
$60 USD                          Book Number: aff136                         Order / Enquire

Metropoles Mayas.
[np: 1993]..
4to. pp. 135. some illus. (few colour). wrs. Exhibition Catalogue.
$55 USD                          Book Number: aff137                         Order / Enquire

FEUCHTWANGER, Franz (text) & Ingmar GROTH-KIMBALL (photo.).
The Art Of Ancient Mexico.
London & New York: Thames & Hudson Ltd., [1954]..
4to. pp. 125. 109 b/w. illus. cloth (corners rubbed). dw. (edges worn, several short tears & surface scuffing).
$80 USD                          Book Number: aff138                         Order / Enquire

GAY, Carlo T.E.
Chalcacingo Drawings by Frances Pratt.
Portland: International Scholarly Book Service Inc., 1972..
folio. pp. 119, xxiv plates (5 of which are colour). cloth. First American Edition.
$110 USD                          Book Number: aff140                         Order / Enquire

GAY, Carlo T.E.
Xochipala The Beginnings of Olmec Art.
Princeton: The Art Museum, Princeton University, [1972]..
4to. pp. 61, [2]. numerous b/w. illus. wrs. (corners rubbed with slight surface scuffing). Exhibition Catalogue.
$45 USD                          Book Number: aff141                         Order / Enquire

GIRARD, Raphael.
Esotericism Of The Popol Vuh. Translated from the Spanish with a Foreword by Blair A. Moffett.
Pasadena: Theosophical University Press, [1979]..
8vo. pp. xiv, 359. few b/w. illus. index. cloth. dw. (edge wear to dw.). First Edition of English Translation.
$45 USD                          Book Number: aff142                         Order / Enquire

Discovering The Americas The Archive Of The Indies.
New York & Paris: Vendome Press, [1997]..
folio. pp. 209. numerous illus. (majority colour). biblio. index. cloth. dw.
$105 USD                          Book Number: aff139                         Order / Enquire

GRUBE, Nikolai.
Maya Divine Kings Of The Rain Forest.
[Cologne]: Konemann, [2001]..
folio. pp. 480. profusely illus. (most colour). biblio. index. bds. (bumped in lower edge of bds.). dw. First Edition of English Translation.
$60 USD                          Book Number: aff143                         Order / Enquire

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