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Montreal: Les Editions Lemeac, [1957]..
4to. pp. 36, [4], [4]. 70 double-sided plates. original wrs. (bit worn & rubbed).
$77 USD                          Book Number: CPLA PRO22                         Order / Enquire

LE FOYER CANADIEN. La Littérature Canadienne De 1850 À 1860.
Quebec: G. & G.E.Desbarats, 1864..
Volume II only (of 2). 8vo. pp. 1 p.l., [5]-389. later hard-grained leather, all edges gilt. 'Presented to H.R.H. Prince Arthur By The Province Of Quebec' stamped in gilt on upper cover. Volume I of this anthology, devoted to prose works, was published the previous year. This second volume contains both prose and poetry, with selections from Octave Crémazie (25 separate works), Philippe Aubert de Gaspé, Charles Laberge, L.J.C.Fiset, Alfred Garneau, Louis Honoré Fréchette, and others. This copy was bound for presentation to H.R.H. Prince Arthur, third son of Queen Victoria and H.R.H. Albert. Prince Arthur (Arthur William Patrick Albert, first Duke of Connaught and Strathearn) [1850-1942]. was posted to Canada on military duty in 1869-70, serving during the Red River Rebellion and the Fenian Raid of 1870. In 1911 he was appointed Governor-General of Canada, a position he held until 1916. Gagnon I 1398n. Lande 1775. Sabin 41510. TPL 3980.
$500 USD                          Book Number: elala2570                         Order / Enquire

LE PEUPLE Jugé, Ou Considérations sur lesquelles le Peuple Anglois pourra décider si la Lettre qu' on attribue dans le Précis des Faits à S.A.R. le Duc de Cumberland, est bien véritablement de ce Prince.Ouvrage traduit littéralement de l'Anglois.
[Paris?]: 1756..
12mo. pp. viii, 160. disbound (clean tear to 2 leaves - no loss). First Edition of the French Translation by Edme Jacques Genet of Reasons humbly offered, to prove, that the letter printed at the end of the French memorial of justification [by J.N.Moreau], is a French forgery and falsely ascribed to his Royal Highness [the Duke of Cumberland]. A companion work to John Shebbeare's Fourth Letter to the People of England (translated as Le Peuple Instruit), discussing the English-French conflict in the Ohio and the abortive British expedition under General Braddock. Shebbeare has been suggested as the possible author in Howes. "An ironical defense of the Duke of Cumberland. The letter referred to has title "Lettre de M. Robert Napier, écrite à M. Braddock par ordre de M. le duc de Cumberland. Londres, le 25 novembre 1754", and is included in a collection of documents (compiled by Jacob Nicolas Moreau and published by order of the French government in 1756) entitled "Mémoire contenant le précis des faits, avec leurs pièces justificatives, pour servir de réponse aux observations envoyées par les ministres d'Angleterre, dans les cours de l'Europe".(LC) Dionne II 558. Howes R-101. JCB I 1135 (incorrect pagination). Sabin 68284. Not in TPL.
$400 USD                          Book Number: elala1978                         Order / Enquire

LETTRES CURIEUSES Sur L'Amérique Septentrionale. Canada.
Paris: J.-B. Gros, 1845..
12mo. pp. 2 p.l., xviii, [1 blank leaf], 264. complete with half-title. contemporary tree sheep, gilt back (extremities bit rubbed, occasional light foxing). First Edition. Eight letters written by a French traveller in the Americas from 1694-97, including five relating to Canada and the Mississippi, with an introductory description of Canada in 1842. Dionne II 1229. Howes L-298. Lande 534. Sabin 40685 (incorrect pagination). TPL 118.
$308 USD                          Book Number: CTTLETTR56                         Order / Enquire

OBSERVATIONS On The Conduct Of Great-Britain, With Regard to the Negociations and other Transactions Abroad.
London: Printed and Sold by J.Roberts, 1729..
8vo. pp. 61. tables. disbound. First Edition. "A defence of Sir Robert Walpole against charges of willfully neglecting England's West Indian commerce." (Bell) "Sometimes attributed to Nicholas Amhurst. Refers to Admiral Hosier's and other British expeditions to the West Indies against the Spaniards." (European Americana) Bell O19. European Americana 729/161. Sabin 56514. Goldsmiths' 6660. Hanson 3950. Kress 3819.
$275 USD                          Book Number: elala1974                         Order / Enquire

ONTARIO COUNTY GAZETTEER And Canadian Cyclopaedia. Containing Historical Sketches of Ontario and of the Dominion of Canada, with detailed Information in regard to Population, Religion, Constitution, Laws, Education.
Toronto: J.S.Robertson & Bros., [1885]..
8vo. pp. 1 p.l., 148. 18 colour diagrams (6 of them plates, of which 2 are folding). 39 colour county maps (2 double-page) & 4 double-page colour maps of Ontario & Quebec showing railway lines, Eastern Townships, Quebec, & Manitoba. A nice bright copy in original cloth (corners slightly frayed).
$250 USD                          Book Number: CTAONTAR15                         Order / Enquire

Ontario County Gazetteer And Canadian Cyclopedia. Containing Historical Sketches of Ontario and of the Dominion of Canada, with detailed Information in regard to Population, Religion, Constitution, Laws, Education.
Toronto: J.S. Robertson & Bros., [1885]..
8vo. pp. 1 p.l., 148. 18 colour diagrams (6 of them plates, of which 2 are folding). 39 colour county maps (2 double-page) & 4 double-page colour maps of Ontario & Quebec showing railway lines, Eastern Townships, Quebec & Manitoba. Original roan (very worn, spine partly defective, hinges almost split, light damp stain to lower magins of pagination).
$75 USD                          Book Number: aly1072                         Order / Enquire

PONTIFICAL Institute Of Mediaeval Studies Foundation 1929-Papal Charter 1939 Jubilee 1989.
Toronto: np., 1989..
4to. pp. 88. text illus. index. cloth.
$31 USD                          Book Number: CNTPONTI90                         Order / Enquire

POPULAR Prejudices Against the Convention And Treaty with Spain, Examin'd and Answer'd.
London: Printed for T.Cooper, 1739..
8vo. pp. 30. with final blank. disbound & uncut (outer pages slightly soiled). First Edition. A reply to George Lyttelton's Considerations Upon the present State of our Affairs, At Home and Abroad (1739), concerning the Spanish claim to search vessels for contraband in the Americas. "Includes references to plantation trade, especially in slaves & sugar." (European Americana) European Americana 739/231. Bell P358. Hanson 5316. Goldsmiths' 7680. Kress 4457. Sabin 64143.
$150 USD                          Book Number: elala1979                         Order / Enquire

Fontenoy [& Paris]: 1745-1759..
3 Parts only, bound together. 12mo. pp. 4 p.l., 224; 222; iv, [4], 207, [1]. lacking title to section B. titles to A & C in red. woodcut ornaments & initials. contemporary mottled calf, gilt back (joints cracked, spine ends chipped). Twenty-four parts were published between 1745 and 1762, with variant imprints. The publication, which was edited by G.L.Calabre Pérau, A.G.Meusnier de Querlon, and others, includes historical, political, and miscellaneous pieces. Of note here in Volume II is 'Mémoire sur la Louisiane, ou le Mississippi', Part II, pp. 123-176. Other entries concern Malta, Africa, comets, the Turkish siege of Vienna in 1683. European Americana 745/183. Muller 2942. Sabin 68417.
$524 USD                          Book Number: CCURECUE12                         Order / Enquire

RELATIONS De La Louisiane, Et Du Fleuve Mississipi, Où l'on voit l'état de ce grand Païs & les avantages qu'il peut produire &c.
Amsterdam: Jean Frédéric Bernard, 1720..
12mo. pp. 1 p.l., 408. lacking half-title. folding engraved map & 14 engraved plates (incl. frontis.). title in red & black. woodcut title vignette. contemporary sprinkled calf, gilt back (short split in upper front joint). A collection of four relations, three very important ones describing Louisiana and the explorations of La Salle, which Streeter conjectures was brought out to boom the Mississippi Company. Included are Relation de la Louisianne ou Mississipi, Écrite à une Dame, par un Officier de Marine (pp. 1-34); Relation de la Louisianne, et du Mississippi par Le Chevalier de Tonti Gouvernour du Fort Saint Louis, aux Ilinois (pp. 35-198); Voyage En Un Pays Plus Grand Que L'Europe.par Le R. P. Hennepin (pp. 191-381); Relation Des Voyages De Gosnol, Pringe Et Gilbert. à la Virginie en 1602. & 1603 (pp. 382-408). The large folding map, Carte de la Louisiane et du Cours du Mississippi, is re-engraved on a smaller scale after the famous De L'Isle map of the same title of 1718 (Sabin notes a map of Virginia). Bell B190. European Americana 720/18 [vide BERNARD]. Howes T294 (vide TONTY; lacking 1 plate). JCB I 280 (lacking the plates?). Sabin 69299. Streeter I 117 (lacking the plates). See Gagnon I 2950 & TPL 177 for Bernard's Recueil. [BOUND WITH:] RECUEIL D'Arrests & Autres pièces pour l'Établissement De La Compagnie D'Occident. Relation de la Baie de Hudson. Les Navigations De Frobisher, au Détroit qu porte son nom. 12mo. pp. 2 p.l., 253, 100. with half-title. folding engraved map & 3 engraved plates. title in red & black. woodcut title vignette. (parts misbound). Amsterdam: Jean Frédéric Bernard, 1720. The Recueil d'Arrests (pp. 253) is apparently the first collected edition of official documents and letters patent (1717-19) relating to the famous 'Compagnie de l'Occident ou de la Louisiane', later the 'Compagnie des Indes', under the proprietorship of Scottish monetary theorist and financier, John Law [1671-1729]. The Company was granted exclusive privilege to colonize and develop the vast French territories of the Mississippi Valley in North America, which potential resources were used to increase the issue and circulation of paper money by the Banque Générale of France, also controlled by Law. The Mississippi venture attracted growing public enthusiasm and speculation and finally resulted in the first great bankruptcy in American history, the Mississippi Bubble. Also included here (pp. 39 of Part II) is the first edition (see Vlach and DCB) of the Relation de la Baie de Hudson by Nicolas Jérémie [1669-1732], a valuable, and one of the only, first-hand accounts of French fur-trading activity in the Hudson's Bay region, covering the period 1694-1714. Jérémie, a fur trader in the service of the Compagnie du Nord, was stationed at the French posts in the region for most of that period. In 1694, he was attached to the sieur d'Iberville's expedition against the English posts there, and for six years, from 1709, Jérémie was governor at Fort Bourbon (York Factory); in 1714, he surrendered to the British in accord with the terms of the Treaty of Utrecht. Accurate and informative observations and descriptions are also provided of Indian and Esquimaux manners and customs, topography, ice conditions, flora and fauna (walrus, beaver, caribou). The description of the musk-ox and the mention of the existence of copper in the north-west appear to be the earliest accounts given. Jérémie's Relation was probably written at the request of the King or one of his counsellors or ministers and ends with a report on the future prospects of the Hudson's Bay Territory and the regions further west. The last section (pp. 40-100) contains a French translation of the accounts of Martin Frobisher's three v
$11532 USD                          Book Number: CLARELAT28                         Order / Enquire

REPORT of the Royal Commission on the South Saskatchewan River Project 1952.
Ottawa: Edmond Cloutier, 1952..
8vo. pp. xix, [3], 423. maps on endleaves. text illus. 5 large folding maps. wrs.
$61 USD                          Book Number: CPOREPOR76                         Order / Enquire

Sir Barry Jackson's British Players from London England to the Dominion of Canada 1931-1932 (Souvenir of their First Night 1931-1932)
London: J. Miles & Co. Ltd., [c.1931].
8vo. pp. xlviii. b/w illus. & advertisements throughout. illustrated wrs. (stain to upper right corner of front cover, couple tears at edges & spine, previous owner's notes on title-page.
$40 USD                          Book Number: stela397                         Order / Enquire

[Toronto]: University of Toronto Press, 1935-67..
Volumes I-XXX. (4 Issues per year). plus 3 Vols. of Indexes. almost a complete run: lacking only one issue: Vol. VIII No. 1. 8vo. original printed wrs.
$2883 USD                          Book Number: CETHE CA15                         Order / Enquire

THE CANADIAN Yearbook Of International Law.
Vancouver: Published under the auspices of The Canadian Branch, International Law Association The Publications Centre The Un.
Volumes 1-2. 8vo. pp. 325; 5 p.l., 354. index. cloth. dw. (discoloured spine, vol. 1 chipped).
$82 USD                          Book Number: CETHE CA43                         Order / Enquire

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