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BRINTON, D[aniel] G[arrison] [1837-1899] & G[eorge] H[enry] NAPHEYS [1842-1876].
The Laws Of Health In Relation To The Human Form.
Springfield, Mass.: W.J.Holland, 1870..
12mo. pp. 346, [2]ads. 5 wood-engraved plates incl. frontis. original blind & gilt-stamped cloth, all edges gilt (spine faded, extremities frayed, several small stains to upper cover). First Edition. A guide to beauty and the cosmetic arts written from a physician's point of view. Although mainly addressed to a female audience, the authors claim that their recommendations can equally be applied to the male sex and the last chapter is specifically devoted to beards.
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BROUSSAIS, F[rançois] J[oseph] V[ictor] [1772-1838].
De L'Irritation Et De La Folie Ouvrage Dans Lequel Les Rapports Du Physique Et Du Moral Sont Établis Sur Les Bases De La Médicine Physiologique.
Paris: Melle Delaunay & Brussels: Au Dépôt Général De La Librairie Médicale Française, Mai 1828..
8vo. pp. 1 p.l., [v]-xxxii, 590, [1]errata. lacking half-title. 19th century half calf, gilt back (joints & corners worn, some light to moderate foxing). First Edition. Broussais was a pupil of Bichart, surgeon of the armies of France, physician-in-chief at Val-de-Grâce, and from 1831, Professor General Pathology at Paris. "Broussais believed that the basis of all pathology was gastroenteritis and that debilitating treatment was called for in nearly every disease. His most common remedy was the application of leeches to the stomach or the head. The popularity of his methods is evidenced by the fact that during one year, over 35,000,000 leeches were imported into France." (Heirs of Hippocrates) Following the discreditation of his theories he turned his attention to the field of mental illness. The present treatise on irritation and insanity was written after he became president of the Society for Phrenology. Wellcome II p. 248. Caillet 1700. Heirs of Hippocrates 765. Waller 1495.
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BROWNE, Sir Thomas [1605-1682].
Pseudodoxia Epidemica: Or, Enquiries Into Very many Received Tenents, And commonly Presumed Truths.
London: Printed by A.Miller, for Edw. Dod and Nath. Ekins, 1650..
folio. pp. 8 p.l., 329, [10]index. woodcut head & tailpieces & initials. contemporary paneled calf, sometime rebacked (very worn, covers detached (some moderate foxing). Second Edition, Corrected and Enlarged. Scarcer than the first edition and typographically superior, this second edition was extensively revised and enlarged by the author. Some of the marginal annotations (those in italics) were supplied by an admirer of the work, possibly a Rev. Mr. Whitefoot of Norwich, who was also responsible for the alphabetical table. Browne's Vulgar Errors, to which it came to be commonly referred, was first published in 1646. Although Browne here undertook to refute common errors and popular superstitions, he himself believed in astrology, alchemy, witchcraft, magic, and the Ptolemaic system of astronomy. Keynes 74. Wing B5160. Bib. Osleriana 4489. Wellcome II 253.
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BRYCE, Charles.
England And France Before Sebastopol, Looked At From A Medical Point Of View.
London: John Churchill, 1857..
8vo. pp. 4 p.l., 124 + [32]ads. with half-title. 1 text illus. original blind-stamped cloth (spine darkened, cancelled library stamp on title, labels removed from front end-papers). First Edition. A comparison of the sanitary state of the English and French armies in the Crimea and of the English and French hospitals on the Bosphorus. Dr. Bryce visited the Crimea in 1855-56, and undertook an extensive tour of the French hospitals on the Bosphorus at the invitation of the French Medical Inspector M.Baudens. Dr. Linton, C.B., Principal Medical Officer, Scutari, attached Bryce to a group of English surgeons who volunteered to do duty in the French hospitals which were suffering from inadequate medical attendance by reason of the amount and nature of the sickness prevailing, and the consequent numerous deaths of their own surgeons. The work concludes with an official report on the typhus fever infecting the French camps and hospitals, and a chapter on the hospital means and sanitary state of the Turkish and Sardinian armies. The work of Florence Nightingale is referenced on pp. 72-73.
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BURTON, [Robert] [1577-1640].
Melancholy Anatomized: Showing Its Causes, Consequences, And Cure, With Anecdotal Illustrations Drawn From Ancient And Modern Sources.
London: William Tegg, 1867..
8vo. pp. [xi], 292. engraved frontis. contemporary half calf, gilt back (somewhat worn, spine label chipped). Second Edition of Tegg's abridgement.
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BUTLIN, Henry T[rentham] [1845-1912].
Diseases Of The Tongue.
London, Paris.: Cassell & Company, Limited, 1885..
16mo. pp. viii, 451, 8(ads). with half-title. 8 chromolithographed plates. several text illus. original cloth, recased (spine ends frayed, occasional pencil scoring). First Edition.
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CANNIFF, William [1830-1910].
A Manual Of The Principles Of Surgery, Based On Pathology For Students.
Philadelphia: Lindsay & Blakiston, 1866..
8vo. pp. xii, [17]-402. original cloth (cloth spotted & stained, extremities worn & frayed, internally very good). First Edition of one of the first Canadian medical textbooks. The work is mainly based on Canniff's lectures on general pathology and surgery delivered at Victoria College, formerly John Rolph's Toronto School of Medicine, Canniff's alma mater. In 1868 Canniff became professor of surgery and sub-dean of the medical faculty at Victoria College, and the following year was appointed to the staff of the Toronto General Hospital. In 1870 he was made a consulting surgeon to the Toronto Eye and Ear Infirmary, and upon Rolph's retirement became dean of the medical faculty at Victoria. He was appointed president of the Canadian Medical Association in 1880, and in 1883 became Toronto's first medical health officer, playing an important role in promoting basic principles of sanitation and disease control. Canniff's major work, The Medical Profession in Upper Canada, 1783-1850, was published in 1894.
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CARPENTER, William B[enjamin] [1813-1885].
Elements Of Physiology, Including Physiological Anatomy.
Philadelphia: Blanchard And Lea, 1851..
8vo. pp. xvi, [17]-566 + [34]ads. with half-title. 2 engraved plates & numerous wood-engraved text illus. A nice copy in contemporary sprinkled calf (dampstain to outer margin of plates & preliminary leaves). bookseller's ticket of A.H.Armour, Toronto & ownership entry of Thomas Savage. Second American, From A New And Revised London Edition. Carpenter was Fullerian professor of Physiology at the Royal Institution but is best known for his researches in marine zoology and for his Use and Abuse of Alcoholic Liquors in Health and Disease (1850), which was one of the first books to consider alcoholism as a disease.
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CARRO, Jean De [1770-1857].
Observations Pratiques Sur Les Fumigations Sulfureuses.
Vienna: Charles Gérold, 1819..
8vo. pp. 2 p.l., 250, [2]. contemporary half sheep, gilt back (bit rubbed, few small wormtracks, paper embrowned). First Edition. Not in Wellcome.
$275 USD                          Book Number: elala2308                         Order / Enquire

CASTELLI, Pietro [1570-1657].
Breve Ricordo Dell'Elettione Qualita, Et Virtu Dello Spirito, Et Oglio Acido di Vitriolo.
Rome: Giacomo Mascardi, 1621..
small 4to. pp. 30. complete with final blank. woodcut title vignette, tailpiece & initial. modern bds. (small early ownership stamp on title, some foxing). First Edition. A scarce work on the therapeutic value of sulphuric acid by Pietro Castelli, Italian professor of medicine, botany, anatomy and chemistry at the universitites of Rome and Messina. Included is an extensive list of the various diseases for which sulphuric acid can be prescribed with notes on other medical writers who have recommended it. NUC cites two copies in North America: National Library of Medicine and the Medical Library at Yale. Ferchl p. 88. Waring p. 705. Wellcome I 1343.
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The Lewellys F.Barker M.D., LL.D., Festschrift In Honor Of His Sixty-Fourth Birthday On September 16th, 1931.
Philadelphia & London: J.B.Lippincott Company, 1932..
8vo. pp. vii, 534. frontis. portrait & 19 plates (some double-page). text illus. & diagrams. original cloth (spine ends bit worn). Limited to 100 numbered copies printed for presentation and signed by Barker. The contributions were wriiten at the request of Henry Catten and originally published in the medical journal 'International Clinics' in 1931 and 1932. Dr. Barker [b. 1867], who was born in Norwich, Ontario, succeeded Osler as physician-in-chief at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, and made important contributions to the study of anatomy, neurology and clinical pathology. Two of his works, on endocrinology and metabolism, and on sensory paralysis, are listed in Garrison and Morton (3798 & 4584). The papers in the festschrift mainly deal with diseases of the heart and blood, diseases of the lungs, diseases of the brain, and transmissible diseases. Among the contributors are A.L.Bloomfield, H.A.Christian, F.A.Evans, F.H.Garrison, and others who also have works listed in Garrison and Morton.
$641 USD                          Book Number: MTTeCATT28                         Order / Enquire

CAVEN, John.
Post-Mortem Examinations Methods And Technique.
Toronto: J.A.Carveth & Co., [1900]..
8vo. pp. 40. interleaved. 6 plates. original gilt-stamped cloth (light coloured pencil scoring to several pages). First Edition.
$150 USD                          Book Number: elala2462                         Order / Enquire

CAZEAUX, P[aulin] [1808-1862].
Traité Théorique Et Pratique De L'Art Des Accouchements Comprenant L'Histoire Des Maladies Qui Peuvent Se Manifester Pendant La Grossesse Et Le Travail; L'Indication Des Soins À Donner À L'Enfant Depuis La Naissance Jusqu'À L'Époque Du Sevrage.Ouvrage adopté par le conseil supérieur de l'instruction publique.
Paris: F.Chamerot, 1853..
8vo. pp. xv, 1088. with half-title. 4 engraved plates & numerous wood-engraved text illus. contemporary quarter roan, gilt back (rubbed, scattered foxing). Fourth Revised Edition. cfWellcome II p. 317.
$150 USD                          Book Number: elala512                         Order / Enquire

CHAILLY-HONORÉ, [Nicholas Charles] [1805-1866].
Traité Pratique De L'Art Des Accouchements.Ouvrage Adopté Par Le Conseil De L'Instruction Publique.
Paris: J.-B.Baillière., 1853..
8vo. pp. xxiv, 1051. with half-title. 274 wood-engraved text illus. 19th century half calf (worn & oxidized, joints cracked, gilt library stamp on spine). Third Enlarged Edition. cfWellcome II p. 322 (New York Edn.).
$150 USD                          Book Number: elala2314                         Order / Enquire

Opening Ceremonies.
[Toronto: 1954]..
4to. pp. 56. text in double columns. colour frontis. portrait. 3 other illus. wrs. (some soiling to wrs. & edges with short tears). Including addresses and papers by Sir Lionel Whitby, Sir Henry Hallett Dale, E.D.Adrien, Setlev W. Bronk, Bernardo Houssay, Elliott P. Joslin, Wilder Penfield (Director of the Neurological Institute, Montreal), R.D.Lawrence, and Joseph P. Hoet ('Carbohydrate Metabolism During Pregnancy'). Bronk, Houssay. Joslin, Penfield and Whitby were presented with honorary degrees in a special convocation held before opening of the Best Institute.
$150 USD                          Book Number: dola852                         Order / Enquire

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